How content strategy can improve the workplace experience

April 3, 2022

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Engaged tenants are satisfied tenants. And satisfied tenants are more likely to renew their lease when the time comes. The right content strategy can boost the workplace experience and engage every user in the building.

The right content strategy can enrich the workplace, creating a sense of common space and purpose for all employees  whether they're working from the office or home. Your content can be a powerful expression of your building's brand, and that brand is what users will build a relationship with.

By keeping users engaged and enthusiastic with tailor-made content, you can create a true sense of community within your site. And that community is what will ultimately build loyalty among your tenants to boost retention.

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Content is the key to a unified Workplace Experience

From the perspective of a landlord or building manager, it's important that the workplace experience is shared by every user in the building. Ideally, everyone who works in your building will have a positive sense of the space and how it fosters community and collaboration.

Your content is the natural home for your brand voice  the way your brand speaks to its stakeholders. By speaking to them in a language that is human and focused on relevant values, you'll create a clear picture of your brand that will resonate with the people who come to your building on a daily basis.

Know your audience

Understanding your audience is key to creating content they'll want to engage with. If you're just beginning to create your content strategy, it's a good idea to use broad demographics and the industries of your tenants to understand your audience.

Once you begin to analyse the way your users interact with your content, you'll be able to get more granular with your approach. So, while you might start with a content strategy aimed at finance professionals between the ages of 20 and 45, you'll eventually get to a point where you design content around hyper-specific interest areas.

In fact, there's no need to limit yourself to just one audience. By drilling down into your user base, you can find many different groups that can be treated as individual audiences. Whether you're separating them by building, level, interest level, or role, you can create specific content designed to appeal to these particular groups.

This is known as segmenting your audience, and it can have a powerful impact on engagement.

Define your goals and assess your results

Whenever you speak to your audience through content, you should have a clear objective in mind that you want to achieve. Ideally, that objective will be measurable so that you can assess whether your content was effective. You need to know how your users are engaging with your content, and which types of content are most likely to encourage further engagement and interaction.

Here are just a few examples of content strategies and the metrics you can focus on to judge their effect:

  • Increase usership of your tenant experience platform. Creating content that feels relevant to your audience will help to deepen the relationship they feel with their tenant app. You can measure the success of this goal by keeping an eye on metrics like Monthly Active Users and Unique Content Readership
  • Boost attendance of onsite events. Promote your onsite events  from social occasions to team-building workshops  with newsletters, event posts, and items in your news feed. You'll see the results in the RSVPs to your events, which can be collected online through the Equiem tenant portal.
  • Increase lease renewals. Your content not only creates a bond between your tenants and your building, it can also be used to gauge the likelihood of retaining those tenants when their lease is up for renewal. Keep an eye on your tenants' NPS scores and make sure to send out some surveys to measure satisfaction with the building. To really boost your retention rate, listen to the results of those surveys, implement the suggestions, and promote the improvements on your news feed and in newsletters.

You'll need a robust data and analytics platform to find this information. Equiem features built-in analytics dashboards. All content produced through Equiem's CMS will be automatically filtered through these easy-to-read dashboards, making the results clear and accessible from the jump. If you'd like to know more about Equiem's Analytics Dashboards, make sure to check out our comprehensive eBook guide  available for free.

Adjust and repeat

Once you have your results, all you have to do is build on what proved to be successful. Let your users guide your strategy by sharing and creating more content around their interest areas. If you've decided to use Equiem's tenant experience platform, you'll have access to a full library of pre-made content and templates that can be adjusted to suit your audience. You'll also be able to generate regular newsletters with ease.

And all of this content can be sent to your segmented audiences to ensure that they stay engaged and interested in everything that's happening in your building.

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