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May 17, 2022

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Now is a time of change in the world of commercial real estate. With hybrid work coming to the fore and technology growing rapidly, the world of work is moving at breakneck pace. We took to LinkedIn to get your opinions on some key issues.

If we had to choose one word to describe the changes to the commercial landscape in the last couple of years, that word would be ‚"tectonic". The effects of the pandemic have introduced so many new systems and dynamics in the world of work that it's important to take stock of where we are today.

That's why we're interested in what you have to say about the current landscape. Over the last few months, we've been asking for your opinion on a range of issues. We've asked you about your current work situation, what you value in the workplace, and how you like to communicate with your colleagues. This is what you told us.

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1. People and communities are at the heart of the workplace experience

When it comes to what we value in a workplace, the results are clear. The vast majority of people value community above all else.

It's interesting to see that people and community are valued so highly above all the other factors in this poll. Location, local retail options, and tech are all undoubtedly important to creating a great workplace. But we can see from these results that it's the human element that truly elevates the experience.

2. People still prefer face-to-face communication

After more than two years of hybrid and online working, we wanted to know if workers had begun to prefer digital channels over face-to-face communication. The results of our poll show  emphatically  that most people still prefer to talk to their colleagues in person.

Again, this demonstrates the importance of community in the workplace. Even though people have become more comfortable with video conferencing and instant messaging, face-to-face communication continues to be the most popular form of communication in the workplace. Clearly, the prospect of a fully digital workplace is not yet a popular one.

3. The hybrid office is still the most popular model

So, what will the future of work look like? We know that people value face-to-face interaction, and that's reflected in the results of our poll.

A full 75% of people polled told us that they are either working in the office or partially in-office and partially remote. 61% of people are currently working within a hybrid model. This makes sense when we consider that both management and employees value the human experience of collaborating with coworkers in person.

4. People like access to quiet spaces

Colleagues and community are not the only things people value about their office. When we asked what spaces are most helpful, the most popular option was quiet focus areas.

The importance of these spaces makes it clear that people see the office as a great place to buckle down. It also shows that giving people access to bookable focus areas will be appreciated by a good proportion of the workforce, who view these areas as essential.

A relatively even spread across other options demonstrates how worthwhile it is to set up a variety of areas in your workplace to serve various purposes. People want to use the office to focus, but they also want a place to brainstorm with colleagues. Ensure that your workplace is set up to cater for everyone's needs.

5. Culture is almost as important as location for jobseekers

We wanted to know what motivates jobseekers when they're assessing a new building as a potential place of work.

The office's location was essentially tied with exciting culture and events. Both were seen as significantly more important than health and wellness facilities such as gyms and onsite food and retail options.

This goes to show that investing in your workplace culture is at least as important as investing in costly onsite gyms and even the location of your building. Take culture seriously, and you'll see dividends in the loyalty and satisfaction of your occupiers.

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