Proving the Equiem tenant experience ROI with six real-life examples

July 8, 2021

3 minute read

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In the past, we’ve discussed the difference between ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ returns-on-investment (ROI) – and how you, as an owner, can measure the success of your tenant experience app.

With Equiem, ROI is central to our operational philosophy. We work with you at every step to ensure that your investment results in the outcomes you desire – be they better connections with tenants, better streamlined operations, or the unlocking of new revenue streams.

Here are six separate case studies proving the positive return of Equiem technology, across five critical areas of building management operation. For the sake of privacy, certain owner and manager logos have been obfuscated.

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Digitise operations to save cost and time

Before Equiem, Unico utilized a highly manual process to manage bookings for their conference rooms by tenants, taking approximately 30 minutes per booking.  With Equiem, Unico has saved an estimated four to seven hours a week, as the platform now automates all of the steps required per request.  Since launch in September 2019, Unico has generated 240 bookings and over 1,200 hours booked for their four spaces.

Validate capex

At a key asset in London, the onsite management team was planning to invest in costly electric car stations. Equiem launched polls and surveys to better understand interest, found there wasn’t a strong need, and management was able to cancel the $100K+ project and reallocate its funds.

Assisting commercial performance of onsite retailers

APAC Landlord A has generated over $700k USD ($300k+ USD in 2019 alone) in e-commerce transactions for services and products including locker bookings, dry cleaning, fitness classes and food and beverage. This is revenue that did not exist (or was very minimal) prior to launch of Equiem. Equiem is live in the entire portfolio of Landlord A, with 53,000+ users registered across 39 buildings (73%+ of total est. portfolio population), of which 33% are active monthly.

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Generating new revenue from amenities and services

Rialto, a 900k square foot tower in Melbourne, generated $110k in revenue via their Equiem App in 2019; $236k since 2017 by empowering its onsite retailers (who sell to tenants via the app) and commercializing events and services. 

Since launching Equiem in May 2018, Building C has generated over $26k in fitness classes, allowing them to break even on their fitness class costs in 2018, and turn a modest profit in 2019.

Generating new revenue from flexible space bookings

Since 2017, APAC Landlord B has utilised Equiem to manage space bookings and has generated over $2.1m in revenue, including 6.7k total bookings, and 39k+ hours booked. The highest performing site in the portfolio generated $1m in revenue, including 3.9K bookings and 23k hours booked.

Of course, we can help you achieve similar successes with your own assets. For a tailored presentation based on your specific needs, reach out to us today.