Here's how the Equiem mobile app engages tenants on the go

February 23, 2021

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From meetings, to conferences, to work lunches, to remote hot-desking, the modern office worker is never in one place for too long. So how do you convert the commercial office building, with its many amenities and social interactions, into a portable format?

This has long been a problem for commercial landlords and building management teams, who want to engage their tenants wherever they are.

Luckily, with the native Equiem mobile app (for iOS and Android), you can offer all the benefits of your office building in one seamless handheld experience.

A market-leading user experience

Equiem's tenant experience web app has led the market for nine years and counting. The mobile app takes this fundamental user experience and tailors it to the smartphone, with a complementary user interface and exclusive features designed for usage on-the-go. For example, our Marketplace e-commerce platform and touchless access card integrations are specially designed for use with the mobile app (read more on these below).


Just like the web app, you want your Equiem mobile app experience to be a seamless extension of your brand.

With our user interface as the foundation, you can add your own site-based imagery and colours. From there, use news, events, and building information posts to bring your brand voice to life organically.

By selecting the Equiem Plus module, you can have your own white-labelled app, with a custom app name, icon, app store page, and more.

Custom branding on the Equiem tenant experience app
With our custom-branded app Plus module, you can bring your brand to life on the Equiem app.

Home, search, and Quicklinks

Once logged in, the app home tab is your welcome to tenants. Here your building branding and imagery is given pride of place. From here, users can browse the latest and most important news and events content you've posted. They can also reorder their favourite Store items in an instant.

The search function enables users to search for any content, products, services, or retailers on the app. Users can also search for contact numbers for Concierge or Building Management staff. 

Using this feature you can also set Quicklinks. Quicklinks take users directly to the most popular or important posts, retailers, products, or even your embedded live chat.

My Profile

Users can also access their profile from the home tab. Here they can set up their community profile, set communication preferences, add and manage credit cards, and more. They can also view past or ongoing purchases and events to which they've RSVP'd. Also, if tenants work out of more than one building, they can move between buildings here.

News, events, and building information

Under the News and Events tab, users will find the most recent news and events posts. All news and event posts support likes and threaded comments. And users can RSVP to events either in the post, or by clicking on the thumbnail RSVP button.

The Building Information tab is home to the content which promotes and advertises your building, its facilities and services. Here you could display information on end of trip facilities, after-hours access procedures, a tenant directory, and more. Think of it as a virtual tenant handbook.

Access control

Thanks to our open API, we can integrate seamlessly with the leading access control providers to enable touchless access in your building. That means no more plastic access cards for tenants. Using just their smartphone, tenants can safely enter their building and tenancy.

Once configured for your site, access passes are housed on a dedicated wallet tab on the Equiem app. Users can manage cards, apply for new ones, and more.

When at the reader, the Equiem app functions in the background. Users don't need to have the app running in the foreground.

Access control via the Equiem tenant experience app.
With Equiem Access, your tenants can use their smartphone (and our app) in place of traditional plastic access cards.


Equiem Access is available to you now. Find out more here.


The Equiem mobile app offers a new standard of service and amenity to your tenants, whether they're in-office or on the move. To find out more, book a demo today.

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