Equiem technology roadmap update for Q2 2021

November 9, 2021

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This quarter has seen the introduction of several new features and enhancements to the Equiem product suite. We've introduced custom push notifications, as well as new integrations and enhancements to customer content control.

Work recently completed


  • Clients now have the ability to show, hide, and reorder content modules (such as "News", "Trending", or "For Me") on the homepage of their tenant experience platform. Configuration is made using the back-end Admin Panel system. This update applies to the mobile and desktop versions of the Equiem platform.

Mobile app

  • App version 3.5.0 was released to the Google Play store and the App Store. 
  • This update added a new Quick Links section to the homepage of the mobile app.
  • With the introduction of the new custom push notification feature, we added an additional section to the Profile section of the app, enabling users to consent to push notifications.

Communications and content management

  • Customers can now create custom push notifications, via Iris, and send them out to their users. The feature is compatible with both the mobile and desktop versions of the Equiem platform.
  • The custom push notification tool enables customers to add a notification title (65 characters); a body message (150 characters); an image; and a dynamic link to their notifications.
  • Customers can also send push notifications to specific audiences using the Iris segmentation feature.
  • Data from custom push notifications are filtered directly to customer Analytics Dashboards for analysis.
Custom push notifications feature | Equiem Tenant Experience Platform
Equiem's custom push notification feature empowers landlord communications to tenants: Send news updates, freebies, reminders, and more.


  • We have successfully decommissioned our last-generation technology infrastructure. Now, all customers have been successfully migrated to our Web NG tenant experience platform.


  • We have completed a successful integration proof-of-concept with Openpath, a touchless access control provider. This integration will allow building managers to modernise access to their sites, prioritising a COVID-safe approach.
Major projects for Q2

Mobile app 

  • We are working on a series of releases, most of which are due to land in November 2021. Planned works include the addition of user photos from HID in the Equiem app (touchless access control); support for the newly-released compulsory email verification feature; and the implementation of the store discount code feature.

Store discount codes

  • Vendors and building management teams can create discount codes for use in the store. This feature applies to the mobile and desktop versions of the Equiem platform.
  • Discount code parameters include user limits; total customer redemption limits; quantity limits per user; and time, date, and day limits. 
  • All users will have access to utilisation reports within the Vendor Management System, in order to reconcile discount amounts and discount code usage.

Communications and content management

  • Customers will be able to create custom-curated content feeds on the homepage of their tenant experience platform. Customers will be able to name their custom feed, and populate it with the Iris content of their choice — any combination of news posts, event posts, building information posts, or store products/services.
  • This update applies to the mobile and desktop versions of the Equiem platform.

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