Equiem polls: The secret to tenant retention... just ask!

December 1, 2021

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Wouldn't it be nice to know which of your tenants is more likely to go remote and which are more likely to return to the office in full force? Good news — with our custom polling and survey tool you can find out! Tenant by tenant, worker by worker, building by building. 

Landlords and building managers around the world are wondering whether their tenants are going to go remote. With Equiem, you have a responsive tool to help you get concrete data about each tenant and the likelihood of their return to the office. True tenant engagement is a two-way street, and Equiem boasts all the tools you need to engage your tenants in a real conversation.

Know your occupants, and boost tenant retention

As you launch your Welcome Back campaign, it's important to know how your occupiers are feeling about the idea of returning to the office. Because understanding how individual workers feel is the key to forecasting the likelihood of your tenants returning full time or opting for hybrid work styles.

With Equiem's polling system, you can find out which of your tenancies are remote-leaning, and you can figure out how much of your building population is remote-leaning. This data is the most powerful way to monitor the effectiveness of your Welcome Back campaign.

It's as simple as asking

It's easy to find out how your occupiers are feeling about the return to the office. All you have to do is ask.

Just pose a simple question to the people in your buildings — the simpler, the better. We suggest a poll asking whether they prefer working at home, in the office, or a mix of both. But you can tailor the question to suit your tenants and their needs.

Poll users to get a clear picture of tenant retention
Get clear data on tenant retention


The power of this simple question will be clear when you dive into Equiem's responsive analytics tools. In your dashboard, you can slice the data the way that makes sense to you.

Need to know which of your buildings are running a risk of losing tenants? Check the results of the poll at a building-by-building level. Want to know which companies are leaning towards remote work and which are champing at the bit for a return to the workplace? Sort your results by tenant.

User engagement is key to tenant retention 

In the old days, landlords would have engaged directly with tenants to find out the answers to these questions. But tenants can only tell you whether they want to return to the office. And that risks ignoring today's major decision maker.

Individual workers are the biggest indicator of whether a tenant will retain their present lease. Many individual employees are currently weighing up the benefits of returning to work or continuing on in a hybrid work model. We know that workers are more likely to want to return to workplace if their perception of it is positive. And we found, in our Global Office Tenant Report, that these workers value community above all.

So, don't make the mistake of thinking that your users can't be convinced. After two years, they want to come back to the office. It just has to be an office that meets their needs for community and collaboration. Check out our free Ultimate Welcome Back Playbook for campaigns that appeal to this widespread need.

Data is knowledge — knowledge is power

Landlords and building managers aren't the only ones running a return-to-work campaign at the moment. Employers all across the world are currently trying to understand their employees needs and desires.

For some employers, returning to the office is of paramount importance. It's the place where their culture has been honed, and they're unwilling to risk the effects of remote or hybrid work. Other employers are exploring more flexible options. But for all employers, the opinion of their employees will have a huge impact on the final decision.

Use our analytics dashboard to drill down on the data
Drill down on your occupiers' return-to-work intentions

Thanks to Equiem, you have a direct line to the individual worker. You can understand how each member of your community feels about returning to work. And that granular detail will allow you to forecast the likelihood of retaining each tenant under their current lease.

That's information you simply can't get anywhere else. And all you have to do is ask for it.

Want to understand your tenants more profoundly than ever before? Book a free demo with us today, and we'll show you the power of our tenant engagement tools.

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