Equiem One: The next great leap in Workplace Experience

May 17, 2022

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Equiem has been at the head of the workplace experience industry for 10 years. Equiem One is our great leap forward, bringing all of Equiem's solutions into a single, easy-to-use interface.

10 years ago, Equiem began with a simple mission  to help commercial landlords better serve the people in their buildings. Over the years, that mission has remained the same, but it has grown in complexity. Today, Equiem's suite includes a feature-rich Workplace Experience app, deep analytics tools, building operations management, and even eCommerce capabilities to connect users to local retailers.

Now, the time has come to take all the great work of the past decade and tie it together. That's why we're introducing Equiem One  everything Equiem does best in a single, unified interface. 

A central nervous system for your building

Today's commercial real estate market has become incredibly intricate. With each new advancement in technology, we've added layers to our understanding of the landscape. Robust building systems and automation give us greater control over our workspaces. Data and analytics give us deeper insight into the people who work within them.  But as the complexity of the industry has grown, opportunities have become harder to separate from the noise.

Until now.

By bringing every aspect of Equiem's powerful Workplace Experience suite together in a unified platform, we are bringing newfound simplicity to the modern CRE landscape.

How does it work?

Equiem One brings all of Equiem's tenant experience, operations, and data & analytics solutions into a single, modular interface. This hub will be your new Equiem homepage.

View of Equiem One interface | Equiem Tenant App

The interface will be fully customisable, meaning everyone can have instant access to the information that's most vital to their particular role.

By bringing all of these capabilities onto a single platform, you will unlock new opportunities for collaboration among your workforce. Every stakeholder in your asset will be connected to one another, from employees and workplace managers all the way to portfolio managers.

Here are just some of the new benefits you'll get from Equiem One:

  • Access the whole Equiem suite through a single, streamlined hub
  • Customisable, modular design shows you ONLY what you need to see
  • Unique views for portfolio managers, building managers, workplace managers, employees, and more
  • Fast and easy to monitor the performance of your content and event strategies
  • Simple collaboration between building managers and workplace managers
  • Users can see highlighted news, events, building info, and promotions in a single screen

And more!

Read our press release to hear what industry leaders are saying about Equiem One.

What does it mean for you?

Regardless of your role within the workplace ecosystem, you'll have a more powerful, more convenient tool at your disposal. The ability to view everything important to your role in a single hub gives you a crystal ball into the very heart of your asset.

Portfolio managers will be able to check a single page for clear insights into the wants and needs of the tenants in their buildings, and get an overview of the performance of their portfolio as well as individual assets.

Workplace managers will be able to eliminate time-consuming, redundant processes while simultaneously improving collaboration with their building manager and gaining deeper insights about their employees.

And what about the workers themselves? Employees will gain access to a new, more streamlined Workplace Experience platform. From their homepage, workers will be able to access health and wellness programs, social opportunities, space bookings, and more. Equiem One even features hybrid work settings, making on-demand space easier than ever to manage and book.

Flexibility is power

Equiem One will offer unparalleled flexibility and control over your workplace and building management tools. With a single login, you'll get instant access to every component in the Equiem suite. The modular design ensures that the most important tools for your role are always front and centre.

And with this flexibility comes new opportunities for collaboration. Workplace managers can now join forces on cooperative news and events posts, then target them to specific audiences throughout the building. Employees can find and book breakout spaces, meeting rooms, and quiet spaces from their homepage, ensuring on-the-ground moments of collaboration can be inspired and spontaneous.

By offering every stakeholder a new level of control, Equiem One ensures that no opportunity is missed. It's not just the smarter way to manage your site  it's a central nervous system for your building.

It's time to evolve your workplace. Are you ready?

Take a bold leap into the future of work. Book a free demo and we'll help you build a more human workplace.