Equiem March 2021 product roadmap update

March 22, 2021

1 minute read

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It's been a busy quarter! Join Sarah Hudson and Nate Hewitt as they take you through the Equiem product roadmap. Find out what has just been released, what is currently in development, and what is coming over the next quarter.

Just released:

  • Single polls function
  • Mobile app 3.1 release
  • Community improvements to our Web NG platform
  • Email notification optimisation (introduction of single-post EDM feature to Iris, our Content Management System)

In development:

  • Mobile app 3.2 release
  • Visitor registration feature
  • Web NG enhancements, including the introduction of an Activity Feed
  • New 'Home' Dashboard for product administration
  • Integration work with UbiPark and Building Engines
  • Email emergency notification feature

Coming next:

  • UX/UI improvements to mobile app interface
  • Registration referrals feature
  • Store credits and customer loyalty function
  • Integration proofs-of-concept with Openpath and Proxy
  • Leasing Dashboards intelligence upgrade
  • NPS and feedback function
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