Equiem Audio Interview - Episode 3 - Linda Issacson

November 27, 2019

1 minute read

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Linda J. Isaacson, managing director at FPL Global

We continue our Audio Interview series where we chat to key individuals both inside and outside Equiem about some of the trends and themes impacting our industry.

What's in Episode 3?

Today, we're thrilled to have the highly accomplished and experienced Linda J. Isaacson - who is the Managing Director, Global Head of Innovation and Technology at FPL Global - and a key member of Equiem's Advisory Board.

Linda is a thought leader immersed in innovation and digitization impacting Big Data, PropTech, FinTech and ConTech. She focuses on aligning next-gen, dynamic C-Suite and Board leadership, cutting-edge technologies and creative processes, to help will drive the next wave of disruption.

Listen to Episode 3