Equiem Audio Interview [Episode 2] | Enrico Faccioli

October 30, 2019

1 minute read

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Gyanna COO Enrico Faccioli

What's in Episode 2?

In Episode 2 we speak to the COO of Gyana, Enrico Faccioli. In simple terms, Gyana creates technology that empowers anyone and any company to become a data scientist in moments. In this episode, Enrico outlines the potential for data and analytics within commercial real estate, as well as offering his tips to those looking to better harness the power of data.

Enrico Faccioli is an entrepreneur with a background in finance and data. Over the course of his career, he's developed a broad base of interests and skills that have placed him at the forefront of his industry. Pivotally, Enrico acquired an interest in data and the power of analytics to help businesses make the right decisions for their clients and customers. It's that passion and experience that Enrico brings with him to Gyana. 

Although it was originally envisioned as a groundbreaking geolocation technology, Gyana has grown into something much more than that. Today, Gyana is geared towards empowering everyone with data and analytics, giving professionals in every industry the knowledge and power to make decisions with the confidence of data science experts.

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