Equiem Audio Interview - Episode 1 - Antony Slumbers

August 29, 2019

1 minute read

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We're excited to have started a new series of audio content - Equiem Audio Interviews - where we chat to people both inside and outside Equiem about some of the trends and themes impacting the tenant experience technology space.

What's in Episode 1?

In Episode 1 we talk to PropTech influencer and digital strategist, Antony Slumbers, all about the adoption of technology within commercial real estate, some of the challenges facing commercial landlords and the changing dynamics of the occupier market.

Antony describes himself as a "serial entrepreneur", having founded and developed several companies within the PropTech space. On top of those companies, he has spent much of his career acting as a consultant and expert for real estate firms looking to shore up their PropTech expertise. He's worked his magic for a long list of high-profile clients including CBRE Global Investors, INREV, EPRA, CoreNet India, MSCI, Nepi Rockcastle, Fifth Wall Ventures, Ricoh, and many, many more. He is also the co-founder of Vicinitee, now proudly part of Equiem's suite of industry-leading PropTech services.

If you learn something from what Antony has to say in this episode, consider checking out his blog. There you'll find a wealth of information drawn from his years of experience across multiple industries – ranging from art dealership to Software as a Service. His blog features regular updates that will keep you at the cutting edge of industry knowledge. Make it your next port of call after listening to our conversation with the man himself. In the meantime, enjoy this inaugural episode of our Equiem Audio Interview Series.

Enjoy the interview!