Equiem for asset managers: how a tenant app can define your strategy

November 22, 2021

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Data is the greatest weapon in an asset manager's arsenal. A good tenant app is the best property management software, because it lets asset managers understand what's happening on the ground. And knowing your tenants is the best way to meet their needs and ensure their loyalty.

If you're a commercial real estate asset manager, you have to be across a huge range of factors all at once. It's the nature of the job. Any commercial property can have dozens or hundreds of tenants, and the happiness of those tenants influences whether your asset will continue to generate healthy revenue.

But imagine if you had a crystal ball you could look into. A crystal ball that would show you how content your tenants are, what they like best about your properties, and what you could do to improve their experience and ensure they'll renew their lease when the time comes.

Equiem's tenant experience and property management software is that crystal ball

The health of any commercial real estate property is directly tied to the experience of the tenants. Because it's that experience that helps them decide whether or not to renew their lease. Equiem gives building and asset managers the tools they need to engage their tenants. And more importantly, to learn from that engagement and craft strategies that speak directly to their tenants.

The beauty of Equiem tenant experience and property management software is that it takes all of your users' interactions, and turns them into digestible, actionable data. At the press of a button, asset managers can see a snapshot of each individual property or even the portfolio as a whole.

Get detailed data breakdowns and analytics in Equiem
Detailed data breakdowns at the press of a button


Our simple, intuitive Analytics Dashboards let you see everything you need to know about the tenant experience across your portfolio. Equipped with this powerful tool, asset managers have access to a breadth of information that can make devising long and short-term strategy simpler.

Property management software with a mind of its own

Equiem's tech-driven approach to tenant experience equips asset managers with a wealth of tools to make understanding emerging trends and opportunities clear: 

  • Get accurate real-time information about how your tenants are using your services, facilities, and onsite retailers to help determine future investments.
  • Monitor the engagement of individual tenants, utilising low engagement to identify at-risk tenancies. Then use that knowledge to adjust your strategies in real-time to boost engagement and satisfaction. 
  • Highly customisable communications and newsletter section, allowing you to segment your communications to ensure maximum engagement.
  • The ability to "slice and dice" your data lets you investigate trends and issues in individual buildings, custom tenant clusters, or even across the entire portfolio.

Access to this kind of detailed, up-to-date information gives asset managers a new, more dynamic way to guide their portfolios to long-term success. 

The best property management software goes both ways

Detailed engagement data is just the beginning. We can go far deeper. Equiem is not just an engagement and analytics tool — it's a holistic technological solution for fostering a real relationship between tenants and their building.

By providing tools for two-way communication between properties and tenants, we pave the way for a more meaningful form of engagement. The aim of any good tenant experience platform is to foster a relationship between tenants and their building. And the fastest way to do that is to know your tenants.

Our tools remove guesswork and conjecture from the process. Instead, Equiem allows you to present all workers and occupants in your buildings with custom polls and surveys. This functionality lets you devise strategies firmly rooted in accurate data.

Equiem polls and surveys with detailed analytics breakdowns
Find out what occupiers want with polls directly in their tenant app


Wondering how important community events are to occupants? Well, stop wondering and just ask! Once you're armed with that knowledge, you'll be able to tailor user-centric strategies throughout your portfolio, ensuring satisfaction of all your occupants. Have you recently introduced a new service or event based on feedback? Let your occupants know about it with our convenient push notification function.

Occupant satisfaction translates into retention. And retention translates into reliable revenue.

A tenant app that understands both sides

At Equiem, we believe that the interplay between a building and its occupiers is a powerful thing. It's the stuff of the everyday; the fabric of professional lives. Managing your tenants' experience is about more than simply providing space. It's about providing a home.

Equiem gives you the tools you need to engage your tenants, learn about their needs and desires, and form a long term strategy that boosts satisfaction and retention. And you can analyse it all in real-time... across an entire real estate portfolio. Leave guesswork behind and use data to make every occupier feel at home in your properties.

Because when your tenants view your property as their home, they'll want to stick around for the long haul. And that's the ultimate way to ensure the ongoing stability of your portfolio.

Are you ready to build a better strategy using concrete data? Reach out to us today to learn how Equiem can help you paint a clear, dynamic picture of your portfolio.

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