Engage with Equiem: Our new Tenant Engagement Report

April 27, 2022

3 minute read

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In our new Engage with Equiem Community Report, we take a deep dive into data gathered from more than 80,000 users to answer one question  what type of content and events truly excites people?

At Equiem, we believe that buildings are made of more than just concrete and steel. It's the people that work within buildings that make the what they are. Because when you get right down to it, a building is about community.

But fostering a true community within your building and workplace isn't as easy as filling it with people. You need to ensure those people are excited to engage with their community in a way that feels both thrilling and organic.

That's where Equiem comes in. 

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Tenant engagement with meaning

Here's the secret about tenant engagement... it's a tool, not a goal. Your ultimate goal should be to foster a sense of real community among the people working within your building. Because once that community exists, it becomes self-sustaining and your users will be more likely than ever to read relevant content, RSVP to events, and use their online platform as a hub for real communication.

The content that will most wholly capture your users' attention engages with that sense of community directly. It allows your users to feel that they have a voice, and that their voices are heard in the decisions made by building management.

At the end of the day, engagement is about creating that sense of community. It's not just about the numbers.

But what about the numbers?

Fair enough. We can talk about what makes engagement meaningful all we like, but if we don't have the results to prove it, why would you listen?

Luckily, we've got the data to back it up. Content shared on Equiem's tenant experience platform routinely performs well above the industry average.

Newsletter engagement compared to industry average | Equiem tenant app

That's how many people are opening the newsletters they receive in their email. But the ultimate test of engagement is how many people click the links within those newsletters. And it's here that Equiem newsletters really shine. 

We beat the industry average by at least 8%... and globally Equiem newsletters have a click rate 14% above the industry average.

The same level of deep engagement is seen in page views on content shared on Equiem's tenant experience platform.

Monthly pageviews | Equiem tenant app

Globally, content shared on the Equiem tenant app receives more than 264,000 page views per month. To find out exactly what content is catching the eye of users at such a rate, download a free copy of our report.

What's in our Tenant Engagement Report?

Engage with Equiem features an in-depth analysis of data drawn from more than 80,000 users. We break down the most successful engagement strategies we've employed and dissect ideas for content and events that have been proven to work.

We asked our users to participate in a survey to find out exactly the type of events and content that captivate them. The results of that survey are included in the report, offering an up-to-date cross-section of what real people want from their tenant experience platform.

Get the free report now and transform the way you engage with the people in your building. Remember, engagement is the fundamental building block of community. Our eBook gives you the tools to supercharge that community.