Babraham Research Campus and Equiem: Partnership That Enhances the Life Science Community Experience

August 21, 2023

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Babraham Research Campus and Equiem: Partnership That Enhances the Life Science Community Experience

Babraham Research Campus, a renowned center for life science innovation, has entered into a dynamic partnership with global proptech leader Equiem. This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the Campus's life science community in Cambridge, as it introduces a centralised communication hub to enrich the service offerings and elevate the overall experience within the Campus.

Equiem's cutting-edge platform - EquiemOne - empowers occupants at Babraham Research Campus to contribute content, disseminate news, and spotlight their activities throughout the Campus community. Seamlessly merging operational functionalities with tenant engagement tools, EquiemOne offers a user-friendly interface for heightened productivity.

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Derek Jones, CEO of Babraham Research Campus, shares: “Our partnership with Equiem will enable us to provide an enhanced experience for our Campus community. We are excited to offer everyone on site access to a central communication hub that fosters innovation, knowledge sharing and collaboration, which is vital to the continued success of Babraham Research Campus."

The heart of this collaboration lies in the establishment of a captivating online platform for streamlined communication, information sharing, and efficient operations. Empowered by Equiem's operational bolt-ons, Babraham Research Campus is enhancing direct communication with occupants, amplifying event management capabilities, optimising lab equipment rentals, and refining the booking process for meeting rooms and workspaces. Digitising helpdesk requests further improves day-to-day operational efficacy.

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Bronny Wilson, Regional Head of Europe at Equiem, expresses enthusiasm for the partnership's potential, stating: "We're thrilled to partner with Babraham Research Campus and help deliver a world-class tenant experience for the life science community based there. The Equiem One platform, including our operational bolt-ons, will create an engaging hub for communication and information sharing that drives collaboration, innovation and growth. The Life Science sector has some obvious synergies with what we do and we’re looking forward to building on this new partnership and expanding our footprint in this space."

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The Babraham Research Campus and Equiem partnership promises to cultivate online ‘moments of serendipity’, sparking organic collaboration and knowledge sharing among occupiers. The Campus Connected platform will establish a vibrant digital life science community, fostering an environment conducive to innovation and propelling growth.

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