A day in the life of the end user: how users engage with a Tenant App

November 10, 2021

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A great tenant app can change the way users interact with your building. What is the Equiem experience like for the end user? And what can their engagement with the platform teach building managers?

A modern tenant app with best-in-class property management analytics

Users love to engage with Equiem. And building managers can learn a lot about their building from the way their occupants choose to engage. This knowledge allows you to tailor your site to suit your occupants, offering eCommerce, meeting spaces, and services designed according to their dynamic needs.

To see how it all plays out practically, let's look at an average day of one of your users. We'll call her Sarah.

6.30am - Space booking and smart building technology

Sarah wakes to the sound of her alarm. She hits the snooze button, grabs her phone, and opens her Equiem mobile app (featuring your building's unique branding). Her allergies have been acting up lately, so she quickly checks the air quality in her office via the Smart dashboard. If it's poor, she might as well stay home with her air purifier.  

Good news! The air quality is within recommended ranges! Using Equiem's Spaces functionality, Sarah chooses a hot-desk in her employer's flex space. She's early, so she picks her favourite spot... right by the window. And far enough away from the air con that she won't need to pack a sweater.

What does it mean for you?

Sarah is not the only employee booking her hot-desk this morning. Many of her colleagues are following the exact same procedure. By the time the day begins, you'll have a clear picture of how many people will be taking advantage of flex space throughout the building. And your tenants will know where their workers are going to be spending the day.

8.30am - Touchless check-in

Upon arriving at work, Sarah checks into the building using her smartphone. It's fast, simple, and — most importantly — touchless. Sarah checks in without a second thought on her way into the lobby, confident that the process is COVID-safe. When she arrives at her tenancy, her smartphone can interact with the access card reader and unlock the door.

What does it mean for you?

On a practical level, you get an accurate and up-to-date log of people entering your site, including both regular employees and visitors. This is important information for emergency situations and also gives you a clear picture of building traffic over the course of the day.

Order coffee directly in the tenant appOrder coffee in the tenant app

9.00am - Engaging with news and retailers

To start the day, Sarah takes a quick glance at the Equiem platform on her desktop to catch up on the featured news and events. She sees a Pilates class taking place at lunch tomorrow, so she books a spot. Then she orders a coffee from her favorite cafe in the lobby and selects delivery to her desk. That way she can get a jump on her work for the day.

What does it mean for you?

You can see what kind of events and news items prompt the greatest engagement from users. We know that a sense of community can improve the workplace experience, motivating workers to spend more time in the office. By offering events and activities popular with users, you can more effectively foster that sense of community.


News and events on the tenant app content feed
Browse and book events in the building

10.30am - Needs-based services

Sarah's taken the opportunity to bring a few garments to work with her, knowing she can simply book the building's dry cleaning service to come and pick them up from her floor. She makes the booking and they tell her that her clothes will be ready the following morning.

"That's fine," she tells them. She was planning to be in the office tomorrow anyway.

What does it mean for you?

By offering needs-based services, you're incentivizing Sarah to return to the office the following day. Why? Because it's simply more convenient than working from home. The office has value for Sarah, and unsurprisingly, she's going to take advantage of it. Don't forget, too, that any eCommerce activity produces data points in your Analytics Dashboards, and those of your onsite retailers.

Tenant app featuring eCommerce options like goods and services
Browse a huge range of products and services

12.30pm - Reservations and collaboration

Lunch time! There are few people in the office today that Sarah hasn't seen in a while. So, she books them a table at the Greek restaurant downstairs. They spend lunchtime reconnecting and hashing out some pain points on a collaborative project.

What does it mean for you?

First of all, your vendors — in this case, the Greek restaurant — are more adequately able to plan their lunchtime rush. The booking system increases the likelihood of workers reserving a place rather than simply showing up. On top of that, many users will be ordering take away. All of this can be managed using the Equiem tenant app.

3.00pm - Meeting spaces

Being in the office is a great time to connect with stakeholders. Unfortunately, the boardroom is booked. Instead, Sarah books a meeting space on another floor of the building from the desktop version of the app. She also books a space for the following afternoon, to follow up on any actions that arise in today's meeting.

Building services on the Equiem tenant app
Take advantage of building services like meeting spaces and locker hire

What does it mean for you?

You get accurate data about the usage and popularity of any common meeting spaces in your building. The ability to book a meeting space outside of the office also boosts the productivity of your tenants' businesses.

5.00pm - User retention

The day is over, but Sarah's still got one thing to do. She opens her mobile app while she's in the lift and books the same hot-desk for tomorrow.

After all, her dry cleaning will be ready and she's looking forward to her lunchtime Pilates class.

Equiem's tenant app — convenience for users, insights for managers

Equiem serves everyone in the ecosystem of the modern workplace. Employees get access to a range of services, both work-related and personal. Tenants get data about their employees and workspaces. And you incentivise individual workers to return to the office.

All of this provides an unparalleled user experience while also giving you a clear picture of what users value about your sites. And, crucially, empowering you to deliver that to them in a reliable way.

Learning what your users love about your building is the best way to create satisfied tenants. Our technology makes that easier than ever! Book a demo with us today to find out what a tenant app can do for your sites.

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