Equiem's data Analytics Dashboards for landlords, property managers

August 26, 2020

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Leading global property technology company Equiem is pleased to announce the completion — and rollout — of  its most detailed, data-driven user dashboards to date, cementing the platform as the leading provider of tenant data and analytics to owners and property managers.

Founded in 2011, Equiem is the most widely-used tenant experience platform worldwide, providing landlords with valuable insights that help transform their properties from mere brick & mortar structures into vibrant, connected and engaged communities with services and experiences that enrich occupants' lives.  

The new dashboard features further enhances Equiem's existing offerings, making it even easier to compile, analyze and act on user insights.  Through engaging content, on- and off-site events and promotions, tailored services, amenity space booking management tools and tenant surveys, Equiem provides owners with direct feedback and data to help them make more informed decisions at their buildings.  When integrated with today's leading proptech technologies, Equiem can also provide owners and tenants with direct access to in-demand features like air quality levels, space usage data and touchless entry for tenants, among other popular services.

Proprietary tenant dashboard for landlords

About Equiem's Analytics Dashboards

Key features of Equiem's new proprietary dashboards make it easier than ever for landlords and property managers to:

  • Capture insights from remote workers to better understand what they need to feel safe enough to return to buildings
  • Monitor and compare tenant engagement, sentiment and behaviour to better understand what tenants want and need
  • Measure the impact of your tenant engagement initiatives - identify the campaigns that have made an impact to optimise your strategy
  • Gauge tenants individual engagement levels - which tenants are most or least engaged; identify "at-risk" tenants and gather behavioural data valuable come lease renewal
  • Measure the utilisation of services, amenities, and retailers on your platform - to better gauge demand and guide future investments
  • Collect quantitative and qualitative feedback at speed with custom polls and surveys, and analyze their results live in dedicated dashboards
  • Slice and dice your data - analyse individual buildings, building clusters, entire portfolios, individual tenancies, or a custom selection of tenancies - allowing you to benchmark performance at a micro or macro-scale

To view a full tour of the new dashboards, click here.

"Owners of best-in-class office properties recognize the value of understanding their customers —  tenants — as a means of creating new services and amenities that occupants want (and demand) today," said Equiem CEO Gabrielle McMillan.  "This is even more true today as people are working from home.  Equiem gives landlords a platform to communicate with tenants while maintaining an engaging community.  We've seen this become especially useful for announcements and planning around returning to work, safety and cleaning protocols and virtual learning.  We're really pleased to see how useful — and valuable — the platform has been these last several months."

As the global leader in tenant data and analytics, Equiem recently released its 2020 Global Tenant Survey, which provided valuable insights into the impact of COVID-19 on workers' productivity at home; sentiment about returning to work; expectations of landlords; and health and safety concerns as office buildings see historically low occupancy rates during pandemic.  The report showcases Equiem's ability to poll tenants on a global level, providing further insights to its clients.

In addition, Equiem recently announced its Return to Work Solutions services platform, which provides live updates to all tenants while they work from home, re-entry guideline videos, "Book Your Entry", touchless entry/exit, monitor lobby traffic, density and occupancy - and much more.

With over 9,000 companies registered, more occupiers use Equiem's tenant engagement platform than any other in the market. A key element is the data analytics stream which provides clients with current information about how users are interacting with their buildings and the service they expect from their landlords. 


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