Culture Building in PropTech

March 22, 2020

1 minute read

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How do you build an amazing company culture whilst scaling a proptech firm? Read Matt Knight's Medium blog for some thoughts from company founders, including our own CEO, Gabrielle McMillan.

Gabrielle McMillan on culture:

"In the hectic and often draining early days of building a start-up, it's easy to obsess over plans for world domination at the expense of building an energised, committed and passionate team to help you reach that goal. The reality is that people and product go hand in hand — it's that combination that makes a successful proptech company."Some of our earliest hires were therefore in our People and Culture team who had a specific mandate to look at how we could ensure our teams felt consistently engaged and enthused. Whether it's our monthly awards programme, bi-monthly socials, summer and winter parties, charity events, team breakfasts, our mental health awareness scheme, or even impromptu karaoke sessions(!), our staff know that they are valued and are ultimately what makes Equiem tick."
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