Case study: COVID-safe Xmas events unite tenants, boost engagement

February 10, 2021

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Australia -- Due to the pandemic, our community engagement specialists spent 2020 delivering events and activations virtually. When Christmas arrived, we devised unique strategies to keep moods festive and users united.

Equiem Community Managers Jessica Foy and Jaqueline Seromenho devised and deployed two different strategies to activate Christmas for their tenants. Both delivered excellent results for building management teams at 300 Adelaide and Nexus, respectively.

300 Adelaide, Brisbane: Bringing tenants back in merry fashion
Case study by Jessica Foy

After a year spent in hibernation, and a very limited engagement program, December was an opportunity for the Queensland Engagement team to generate a fun holiday atmosphere for 300 Adelaide tenants before the Christmas and New Year break. 

A tenant experience lobby activation at 300 Adelaide, hosted by Equiem.
Bart the Harpist is a local hero to the 300 Adelaide community.

Our Christmas activations included:

  • Luxury gift wrapping in the lobby, which raised over $200 for Rosies — Friends on the Street
  • A weekly themed flower auction, netting $250 for various charities
  • Sets from our resident harpist Bart, who greeted visitors and tenants with heavenly arrangements of classic carols (as well as some top 40 hits!)
  • A gorgeously decorated Christmas Giving Tree

The festivities did not end there. On 300 Adelaide's very own tenant experience platform, we held a '5 days of luxury giveaways' event. We also organised a Community Holiday Drinks event Birrunga Gallery — after a year spent mostly in isolation, it was no surprise that tenant attendance exceeded expectations.


An Equiem Christmas tenant experience activation prize-winner.
Wine? Wine not!

The results speak for themselves:

  • Event RSVPs were up 200%
  • We scored an MAU (Monthly Active User) rate of 69%
  • And we saw a 339% increase in comments (post interactions) from the previous month

Jessica and Jaqueline's successes are just some of the wins we scored in tenant engagement in 2020 — to find out more, download our 2020 Annual Report.


Nexus, Melbourne: '5 Days of Giveaways' activation nets big prizes
Case study by Jaqueline Seromenho

With the lack of our annual onsite Nexus Christmas Party in 2020, in December I concentrated on offering more substantial prizes as part of our 'Xmas Days of Giveaways' competition for a shorter period of time — rather than smaller prizes for a longer timeframe — to try and really excite and entice people to enter. 

We had fabulous prizes up for grabs (both digital and physical) that were very relevant and apt for COVID times and the work-from-home environment:

  • A Luxury hair salon voucher (to get the lockdown hair spruced up)
  • Woolworths supermarket voucher (to get your online groceries)
  • A Nespresso coffee machine (to make barista-style coffee at home)

These prizes seemed to really resonate, as we received a total of 136 individual entries across the 5 days of the competition. 

Another very successful competition that I ran in December was the 'Win a $1,000 Flight Centre gift card comp' — designed to allow tenants to create their very own version of the perfect holiday. This competition played on people's desire to get out and about travelling again after lockdown. Tenants simply had to RSVP and leave a comment on the news post detailing their ultimate bucket-list destination (no need to explain why, just where it is). We received 127 comments and 93 RSVPs to this competition. 

Lastly, as far as content goes, my most viewed piece of content for the month was actually one of my Nexus Project Update news posts, on the progress of the construction works at Nexus. I've been doing these update posts for years now (as we always seem to have something being built within the park), and these posts always do well. This post in December had 324 views.


Download our 2020 Annual Report here.


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