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February 28, 2021

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With Equiem's Communication suite, you'll have all the tools and resources you need to communicate with every single person in your building. Promote your amenities and services, and support your retailers using systems designed for commercial real estate professionals.

The traditional ways of communicating with tenants are difficult, inefficient, and comparatively ineffective. If you want to get a message out to your tenant population, you can only contact one representative for each company. That's typically less than 5% of your building. 

Even then, there's no guarantee that your message will be forwarded to the rest of your community. Beyond in person meetings, emails, and physical 'snail mail', you only have posters, elevator screens, and if you're lucky, digital lobby screens to spread your message. And those have questionable impact. 

These methods are archaic — and are no way to build a thriving, well-informed tenant community. Landlords and building management teams need a simple solution.

It starts with our web and native mobile apps

Equiem is delivered to your tenants as both a web and mobile app. These are two highly effective channels that will allow you to speak directly to your building population. By having a web and mobile app, you have significantly more cut-through to your audience, whether they are working in the office, at home, or commuting in between. 

At Equiem, up to 90% of your building registers to your platform — so for the first time, you communicate with virtually everyone in your building. And you control the spread of the message. 

Your tenants will interact with you and each other, helping to bring your community to life. News and event posts support fully-threaded comments for instant conversation and feedback.

Using the Building Information tab, you can activate the services and amenities tenants may not even know you have, including gyms, facilities, conference spaces, and more. You can even display information on deliveries, security procedures, and parking info. Our building information pages help to streamline operations by addressing tenant queries proactively.

Finally, with tools like newsletters, notifications, and segmented content, you can magnify your messages yet keep them highly personalised.

Execute your tenant engagement strategy using Iris, our Content Management System (CMS)

Iris talks to your Equiem platforms and delivers beautiful multimedia content, and is also your hub for newsletter and notification creation. Iris was purpose built for commercial real estate teams — marketing and community managers, asset managers, leasing teams, you name it — and, thanks to its breadth of functionality, is the only system of its kind.

Everything you need to communicate lives in Iris, and it is designed to suit building management teams with custom workflows and user permission settings. For instance, you can give special access to onsite retailers or retail team members to create promotions, which you can then schedule and post.

Using our library of templates, setting up a communication strategy is easy from day one. Simply search for the content you need, by title or category; tailor it to your needs; and post!

Iris platform displaying building information on the tenant app
Iris is your one-stop content creation and publishing tool.

For example, let's say you wanted to publish a building refurbishment update

You need a news post to notify users of the update. With Equiem, you simply create the post in Iris, select the sites you want to publish to, and schedule the publishing date. At the specified date and time, the post will publish to the web and app platforms for our selected building. You can also publish this post to multiple buildings if you have a portfolio.

Say now we want to hold an information session for tenant representatives. 

Our tenant experience platform is the perfect place for critical building announcements and memos.

You can create an event post in Iris and segment it to your tenant representative group, so only they see the event. As they RSVP to your event, you're also able to track attendees. 

By the way, you can segment all kinds of content to any user groups you wish. Create a content stream just for fire wardens, organise exclusive thank-you events for highly-engaged tenants, create onboarding content campaigns for incoming tenants — these are just a few examples.

Finally, you need comprehensive analytics

In addition to all of our communication features, what sets your Equiem solution apart is its ability to provide you with actionable feedback.

Every single post and user interaction is filtered through to your own personal Dashboards, so you can review performance and make changes to your communications strategy. That includes post reads, likes, comments, newsletter opens, purchases, poll results, and more.

Using this information - you can understand which campaigns are making an impact, what your tenants are reading, and the times they prefer to read content. 

Our newly-developed leasing dashboards go even further. They'll help you to see which companies are up for renewal, so you can filter down to all the activity of that company. This is a powerful tool in leasing conversations, but also helps you to make tailored improvements to your communication strategy and prioritise the tenancies you communicate to.

For an in-depth look at our communication tools and how they can empower your tenant engagement ambitions, check out this video:

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