Canary Wharf Group + Equiem partner for Community Engagement App

October 25, 2022

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Following success in several large estates around the UK, Equiem has partnered with CWG to help them elevate occupier experience among workers, visitors, and residents. Equiem has long been at the forefront of Tenant Experience in London’s commercial real estate scene, and will now bring that experience to bear on CWG’s assets.

Equiem powers commercial campuses around the UK and worldwide. As CWG began to research potential partners in the PropTech field, they received several strong references from Equiem’s partners. This made Equiem a natural choice as CWG commenced their efforts to create a more seamless user experience for everyone within the estate.

Canary Wharf Group + Equiem Partner for Community Engagement App

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London, UK – June 6, 2022 – Equiem, the global leader in PropTech solutions for commercial real estate, today announces a new partnership with Canary Wharf Group.

“Canary Wharf is built on the twin pillars of sustainability and community,” said Michelle Laramy, Director of Customer Experience for CWG. “As a major destination on London’s Isle of Dogs, Canary Wharf represents the values and passions of the local community. When we began looking for a partner to create an online app for the estate, one name kept coming up… Equiem. Their success in other large estates around London set them ahead of the crowd, and their technology is uniquely suited to aid CWG’s goals such as ESG initiatives and community management.”

About Canary Wharf, London

Canary Wharf is one of London’s shining lights. The estate is an ambassador of local culture, boasting over 300 shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, a year-round events programme, one of London’s biggest roof gardens, and an award-winning, free-to-visit, public art collection.

Equiem will launch at Canary Wharf in the summer of 2022. Initially, Equiem will be used to level up the public realm and retail areas of the estate. Eventually, Equiem will also power the office areas of Canary Wharf. With these three pillars powered by a single, unified platform, Canary Wharf’s brand and identity will be reinforced to customers, workers, and visitors. It will be easier than ever to communicate with every member of the community and foster passionate participation in the site’s sustainability initiatives.

“Canary Wharf is one of London’s most exciting estates,” says Bronny Wilson, regional head of UK and Ireland at Equiem. “Their passion for the local community and culture lines up perfectly with Equiem’s values. We’re thrilled to be helping Canary Wharf in their ongoing mission to support their retailers, restaurants, workers, and visitors with a more engaging experience.”

About Equiem

Equiem created the first tenant experience platform in commercial real estate a decade ago. And as the workplace evolved, so did we. Today, we offer the industry’s most sophisticated workplace experience platform to owners and occupiers around the world. 

Equiem’s customer base includes some of the world’s largest landlords and its platform is deployed across more than 120M sq ft of commercial real estate, used by 10,000+ companies and 250,000 employees.

Our vision is a more human workplace, one that feels tailor-made for the people that work there everyday.

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