British Land Revolutionises Access Experience with Mobile Credentials in Apple Wallet

November 2, 2023

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Our long term partners, British Land, one of Europe's largest real estate investment companies, have just launched a groundbreaking collaboration that will transform the way tenants access British Land buildings.

Tenants at British Land’s prestigious Broadgate Campus, 100 Liverpool Street office building can now enjoy the convenience of using their employee badge directly from their Apple Wallet. This revolutionary solution is made possible through a partnership between Equiem, SwiftConnect, and HID. Tenants can add their employee badge to their Apple Wallet after an initial set-up process enabled by the My Broadgate app, developed by Equiem. 

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The badges are provisioned using SwiftConnect AccessCloud, which seamlessly integrates with British Land's access control system and HID Origo, a cloud platform for managing mobile credentials.

Using the My Broadgate App, customers can conveniently verify their identity by requesting a 6-digit code sent to their registered email address. Once the code is entered on the next screen, they will find an 'Add to Apple Wallet' button, which, when selected, launches Apple Wallet to complete the addition of the mobile credential. After the process is completed, the mobile credential will appear in Apple Wallet, granting users access to authorised areas. 

Equiem's My Broadgate app makes it easy for users to add the mobile credential to Apple Wallet without the need for additional app downloads, ensuring convenience for British Land customers who use the My Broadgate App already for a range of additional experiences and services delivered by British Land. Android users can also benefit from a digital access card, however this remains within the My Broadgate app, as Google Wallet currently does not support displaying the credential.


In addition to offering enhanced convenience, the solution also contributes to sustainability efforts. By switching to mobile IDs, British Land reduces waste, minimises the use of plastic, and lowers energy consumption, resulting in a positive environmental impact.


British Land plans to roll out the employee badge in Apple Wallet at its headquarters, York House, Seymour Street office building in Q4, 2023, and across its entire portfolio of buildings in the near future.

Here’s to the future of the office! 

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