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March 7, 2022

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Landlords, building managers, and employers all across the world are struggling to bring workers back to the office. Here's how Equiem can help make it happen.

Returning to work shouldn't be just another business goal — it should be a celebration of togetherness. It should be a moment when the people we work with can be reminded of the shared experiences we've shared and the opportunities that only come from true collaboration. And there's no place that fits the bill for collaboration more than the office.

It's time to highlight the one thing the workplace offers that the home office can't — a sense of community. And Equiem has the tools you need to communicate that promise to the people who used to come together every day in your building.

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Welcome your users back to work with surefire strategies

Boost the workplace experience to bring people back to work

With Equiem's content and event suite, building and portfolio managers have the tools they need to create a sense of excitement surrounding the office. Using these digital tools, it's simple to convey to your users all the things they might have forgotten about the office.

By leveraging your content, throwing engaging Welcome Back events, and reinvigorating your retail options, you can breathe new life into the physical workspace and remind people why they love coming to work.

Throw a Back to Work party

Focusing on the sense of community the office can provide is one of the most powerful ways to demonstrate its benefits for workers. Our Global Office Tenant Report revealed that the majority of workers believe the office is the best place to connect and collaborate with their colleagues.

After months of rolling lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, it's worth remembering that people are hungry for connection. This is not just a matter of doing better work. It's a hunger for community that the office has always helped to fill.

One of our clients did exactly this, deciding to throw an in-person wine tasting for a handful of key tenant contacts. The event was well-attended. But the most valuable part of this event was the feedback we collected via the Equiem app once it had concluded. The attendees overwhelmingly told us they'd like to attend events like this in the future, indicating the impact of an onsite celebration.

Another client opted for an ongoing festival program to draw its workers back to the workspace. They used Equiem's polling and survey functionality to find out what workers would want from such a festival. And then, when it was all planned, they promoted the event through Equiem newsletters and on the app's news and events feed. When all was said and done, more people showed up than even the number of RSVPs collected on the platform. Onsite occupancy surged to 40% during the festival, and many of those people returned to work as a result.

Create content that connects

Your newsletters and feeds are a unique opportunity to create content that showcases your physical space in innovative ways.

We recently collaborated with a client on an out-of-the-box communications campaign, designed to render the lure of the workplace irresistible. We concocted a series of riddles intended to lead workers to newly redesigned amenities around the building.  

Users would receive the riddle via the Equiem platform and, if they managed to solve it, it would reveal a location within the building. The user could then attend that location to receive a special prize. The campaign meant that the platform and the building became inextricably linked. To get the full benefit of either, users had to interact both digitally and physically.

It was an unusual idea, but it paid off. A number of new users registered to the platform and active usage rose to 53%. And — in a testament to the power of the campaign — one user who hadn't been onsite in a year drove an hour just to take solve one of the riddles.

Bring the physical space online

Key to reminding workers what they love about their workplace is reminding them of all the amenities and facilities available onsite. This could be anything that people value, from refurbished meeting rooms and common spaces to exciting food and retail options. And, of course, it's also a great opportunity to support your retail tenants who are likely relaunching at this time. 

We had one client who wanted to kill two birds with one stone, helping a coffee shop on their premises relaunch while also enticing office workers back to the site. Their hope was that the buzz around the coffee shop could help.

We spearheaded their campaign on the Equiem app, designed to showcase the coffee vendor. We let employees know that if they RSVPd to the grand reopening, they'd receive a free coffee during their opening week. 100 employees RSVP'd, simultaneously boosting the profile of the vendor while also driving employees back to the office to claim their cups of joe en masse.

Use every tool at your disposal

Bringing your tenants and users back to work is not something that can be achieved by a single method. You need to use everything you have to remind your users of everything they're missing. But by combining events and content with Equiem's industry-leading workplace experience platform, you can create a compelling picture of an office that people will want to race back to.

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