All that glitters isn’t gold: Why logins don’t equal engagement

July 28, 2022

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TenX platforms can be powerful tools, but only when you know how to get the best out of them. It’s easy to mistake mere access for engagement, but without deeper interaction from your users, what do you really stand to learn?

What do we mean when we talk about “Active Usage”? In Tenant Experience, “Active Usage” refers to the number of times your users interact with your Tenant Experience platform. It’s a number. A useful number, sure – but still just a number.

The fact is, “Active Usage” only captures the bare minimum of user engagement. It’s great that your users are logging into the platform. But if that’s where it ends, you’ve got problems!

The key to meaningfully engaging your users is in the content and events that you present to them. With the right strategy, you can engage your users in a deep, significant way. And when they’re truly engaged, they’ll teach you about themselves. And ultimately, learning about your users’ wants and needs should be the goal of any Tenant Experience program.

Download our free checklist for meaningfully engaging your users. Or read on to learn more about the types of events and content that have been proven to excite commercial tenants.

Events your users want

In-person engagement is among the most powerful forms of engagement. When your users attend events and activities in person, their Workplace Experience is dramatically enhanced. Considering we’re in the midst of an unprecedented moment – where remote and hybrid work are at an all time high – events that encourage in-person interaction can’t be overvalued.

So, what kind of events excite users enough to encourage physical attendance?

Equiem recently released a report on Community Engagement Trends in 2022, based on data gathered from more than 80,000 users worldwide. A number of trends emerged that can help you understand the events that excite today’s worker.

The very definition of evergreen engagement, Food and Fitness activities have always been at the top of users’ most-wanted lists. And after the last two years of remote work, hybrid work, and rolling lockdowns, there’s more hunger than ever before for these kinds of events.

And while in-person engagement is valuable, it’s important not to forget about users who are still spending all or part of their time offsite. Remote events like these can motivate workers to spend more time in the office. If, for example, you offer online workshops provided by retailers in and around your building, you may encourage workers to spend more time onsite in the future.

Content that speaks to them

Meaningful engagement comes in many forms, and not all of them are as active as event attendance. It’s also important to ensure that you draw users in with content that feels timely and relevant to them.

A good Tenant Experience platform can help you to deliver this kind of content, allowing many different stakeholders within your building to contribute relevant, hyperlocal posts that users want to read.

Again, Equiem’s Community Engagement Trends report sheds some light on the type of engagement you should be aiming for with your content. For instance, Equiem found that content with low-commitment mechanics is most attractive to occupiers. 

People love to engage, but they don’t always like to invest too much time or effort to do so. Instead, posts that encourage them to “like” or leave a comment can be very powerful. Fun, lighthearted posts typically achieve this goal very well. Consider sharing a playlist with your users or asking them to share their favourite joke!

Data... the secret ingredient

You might be asking, “How do I know what type of content and events users want?”

Well, that’s where a Tenant Experience platform like Equiem comes into the picture. Equiem’s data and analytics dashboards allow you to analyse every single user engagement to see – in real time – what type of content and events appeal to your user base.

Think of it as a continuous loop. The way your users engage teaches you what they want to engage with. And by offering more of what they want, you encourage further engagement. Over time, the process refines itself until you have that rarest of all things in Commercial Real Estate… a true, two-sided relationship with the users in your properties.

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