A Guide to Tenant Attraction and Acquisition

July 2, 2024

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In the bustling field of commercial real estate, leasing teams are constantly seeking innovative methods to attract and retain top-tier tenants.

Equiem's sophisticated platform offers a robust suite of tools tailored to elevate the leasing process, from the initial attraction phase through to tenant acquisition and retention.

Here’s a deep dive into how Equiem supports leasing teams in navigating the competitive market:

1. Custom App Content for Prospective Tenants

Equiem excels in creating bespoke content tailored to prospective tenants during property tours. This targeted approach allows leasing teams to showcase specific benefits of the property, enhancing the appeal to potential tenants. The ability to generate and modify content in real-time enables leasing teams to quickly adapt their strategies based on immediate feedback and results.

2. Comprehensive Leasing Team Training

Understanding the full capabilities of the Equiem platform is crucial for leasing teams. Equiem provides thorough training as part of the rollout process, ensuring that every team member can proficiently utilize the platform to its full potential. This training covers everything from basic functionalities to advanced features, empowering teams to effectively communicate the value of the property and its amenities to prospective tenants.

3. Dynamic Leasing Packs

Equiem can assists in crafting compelling leasing packs that detail all the new benefits introduced by the platform. These packs serve as valuable tools during tenant tours, showcasing the enhanced services and amenities that set the building apart from competitors.

4. Leasing Dashboards and Data Insights

Equiem’s leasing dashboards offer valuable insights into tenant behavior, such as amenity usage and event participation. This data is instrumental in understanding tenant preferences and crafting tailored retention strategies. By monitoring these insights, leasing teams can develop personalized engagement strategies that significantly increase the likelihood of lease renewals.

5. Playbook for Attracting and Retaining Tenants

Equiem provides a strategic playbook that guides leasing teams in utilizing the platform to attract new tenants and retain existing ones. This includes tips on customizing the tenant app, using the platform during site tours to highlight building benefits, and strategies for engaging current tenants to foster a sense of community and satisfaction.

6. Additional Features and Tools

Equiem’s platform also includes various tools that support day-to-day operations and tenant engagement. Features such as the Visitor Management tool streamline the process of organizing site tours and managing guest visits, making the experience seamless for both prospective tenants and leasing teams.

7. Benefits for Workplace Managers and Employees

Equiem not only aids leasing teams but also enhances the daily workplace experience for tenants. From booking conference rooms to managing events and accessing exclusive deals, the platform simplifies many aspects of office life, making the property more attractive to businesses looking for efficiency and employee satisfaction.



Equiem’s platform is a game-changer for leasing teams in the commercial real estate sector. By leveraging advanced technology and tailored support, Equiem helps properties stand out in a crowded market, ensuring they attract and retain the best tenants. With Equiem, leasing teams are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

Discover the full potential of your property with Equiem. Book a demo today to learn how our platform can transform your leasing strategies and help you secure the right tenants for your space.

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