5 Ways Equiem helps you Market your Asset

June 27, 2024

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In today's fast-paced real estate market, landlords and property managers are increasingly relying on advanced digital strategies to enhance building marketing and tenant engagement. At Equiem, we've developed a suite of tools designed to streamline these processes and boost your property's visibility and appeal. Here’s how our platform can transform your leasing and marketing efforts:

1. Comprehensive Digital Presence Our platform can significantly enhance your property's online presence. From helping you to create compelling platform content to providing a channel to collect tenant testimonials, we ensure your building stands out in the digital landscape. We also support in crafting customized newsletter branding that include your logo, slogan, and a direct link to your platform, ensuring every email sent by your team extends your brand reach.

2. Real-Time App Content Customization Equiem’s platform allows for bespoke content creation aimed at attracting new tenants. This includes customized campaigns that produce real-time results, enabling you to refine your marketing strategies promptly and effectively. Our team provides training for your leasing teams on how to leverage the app to highlight the property’s benefits during tours and in discussions with prospective tenants.

3. Enhancing Leasing Efforts Our platform also features tools to display current leasing vacancies, making it easier for prospective tenants to find available spaces. We help you develop compelling leasing pack content that advertises all new benefits the app brings to your building, including enhanced services and amenities.

4. Community Building and Tenant Engagement Building a strong community within your property is key to tenant retention. Equiem facilitates this by organizing app training sessions and helping landlords to nurture a thriving community through events and shared content that encourages interaction among tenants. This sense of community not only makes your property more attractive but also supports tenant retention and satisfaction.

5. Tailored Support and Training Equiem’s Customer Success Managers are dedicated to training your teams, ensuring they fully understand and can articulate the benefits of our platform to current and prospective tenants. This support extends to crafting content for leasing packs that clearly communicate the advantages of choosing your property.



Leveraging digital strategies in commercial real estate marketing and leasing is no longer just an option but a necessity. By integrating Equiem’s comprehensive platform, landlords and property managers can not only enhance their marketing efforts but also create a more connected and satisfied tenant base.

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