5 essential features in a visitor management system

August 8, 2021

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Robust visitor management software is a vital component of the COVID-safe workplace. It helps property managers to safely and efficiently coordinate the entry of visitors, and it allows tenants to offer a first-rate welcome.

There are many visitor management platforms serving the commercial real estate market. Equiem, thanks to our recent acquisition of Vicinitee, can provide property managers with a tool that works in tandem with (or separately to, if required) their tenant portal and concierge services solutions.

If you'e considering adopting an integrated visitor management solution, here are the five features you will need.

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Visitor Management Checklist

[5] Essential Features in a Visitor Management Software

1. Guest notifications, including a mobile pass and email confirmation

A good visitor experience is simple and straightforward. From the moment a visitor enters your building, they should know where to go, how to interact with building systems, and they should receive instant feedback in response to their actions. Even if your building has concierge or reception staff to offer an in-person welcome, this alone does not provide adequate tracking information to all of the parties involved.

With Vicinitee, when users check-in, they receive a series of prompts and notifications to make navigation and COVID-safe compliance simple. The tenants receiving guests receive notifications, too‚ confirmation of appointments, when visitors have checked in, and more. Building management teams also have oversight into their building‚ visitation schedule, which is essential for security and contact tracing.

2. Pre-booking functionality

The pre-booking functionality of Vicinitee's visitor management software.

Without visitor management software, tenants are solely responsible for coordinating visitor arrivals. Many do not have the systems in place to welcome visitors simply and quickly, and so rely on personal calendar systems, like Gmail or Outlook. This can become an issue when, for example, a visitor uses a different calendar management system or device. At best, meeting times and appointments are missed; at worst, the visitor arrives at the building with little to no advice on how to navigate the lobby, or activate an elevator.

Vicinitee's pre-booking functionality unites different platforms and calendar systems. When a tenant creates a visitor booking, they add all the information and instructions relevant to that booking: Start time, end time, advice on navigating the building, checking in, and more. Once issued, the visitor has an identical record, both parties are working with the same information, and the same system. Pre-booking confirmations work with email clients and calendar systems, too.

3. Host notifications

This feature is the simplest, but one of the most crucial. Tenants need to know when their visitors have arrived. Vicinitee sends email and push notifications to tenants, keeping them informed at all times. This makes it easy for concierge or reception team members to coordinate in-person welcomes.

4. Peak time analysis reporting

Using Vicinitee, building management teams can keep an eye on visitation across their asset (and even multiple assets, at the same time). In the wake of COVID-19, as building occupancy rises, it has never been more important to regulate occupancy and building population density. Vicinitee provides reports on peak visitation times, information that can be used to help tenants avoid areas or periods of high-traffic. This is good for tenants and, of course, for visitors, who need to feel safe when arriving at your building.

Peak time analysis data can be matched with the other data points captured by the Equiem technology suite, such as our Smart building platform. For example, you can cross-reference peak traffic times with CO2 concentration, in order to better regulate operational systems.

5. Wireless pass printing

Your building might operate using a single-use pass system for visitors. Vicinitee is built for the smartphone, but if you would prefer to offer visitors physical passes, you can do so. Vicinitee's wireless pass printing feature is easily used by reception staff (and even tenants) when they arrive on-site.

The joint Equiem and Vicinitee product suite arms property managers with a vast range of tools designed to enrich the lives of tenants and visitors, all while simplifying building operations. Book a demo today to see how we can tailor a solution to your needs.

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