3 ways Equiem's proptech helped clients to their sustainability goals

January 31, 2022

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Proptech can be a major tool for achieving your environmental and sustainability goals. Learn how Equiem's tenant app has helped clients make their mission a reality.

Issues of sustainability are coming to the forefront more and more. And businesses that take a lead on these issues are viewed more favorably by their customers and the community. And, of course, prioritizing sustainability can offer direct benefits in regards to efficiency.

Over the years, Equiem has played a significant role in helping our clients achieve their environmental and sustainability goals. Let's take a look at some of these cases and see how Equiem could help you launch and support your own environmental initiatives.

Hobbs Brook Office Park: Buzzing about proptech

Hobbs Brook Office Park has one of the most exciting sustainability initiatives we've encountered... and some very unusual tenants. Namely, the six-legged residents of their corporate beehives, kept onsite by Beverly Bees.

Biophilic installations like Hobbs Brooks' beehives have been shown to reduce stress and boost productivity. They even contribute to the local ecosystem, helping to sustain and protect the local bee population. But to get the full benefits of an initiative like this, one important condition needs to be met. People need to know about it.

That's where Equiem came in.

Equiem worked with Hobbs Brook Office park to craft a communication strategy that would get their six-legged friends the buzz they deserved. A selection of Building Info posts on Hobbs Brooks' tenant app were created to draw attention to the bees, and the result was a significant increase in attention. Not just for the beehive, but for Hobbs Brooks' Building Info posts in general.

This result was good for employers, as it helped to boost productivity among workers. It was great for the bees, ensuring they found a secure and lasting place on the Hobbs Brooks campus. And as for employees, well let's go straight to the source. One employee said of the beehives, "Watching them in their own little world is such nice break from the screens." 

Like the hives themselves, the workplace is an ecosystem. And when everything fits together perfectly, the results are good for everyone.

Equiem's tenant app is the tool that makes that vision a reality.

Tenant engagement wins

Whether someone is an existing tenant or a prospective tenant, their perspective on a building's sustainability can be pivotal in their overall opinion of their building. Prospective tenants could be more likely to sign a lease, and existing tenants could be more likely to renew.

And if you've got a sustainability record you're proud of, you'll want to make sure everyone knows about it. To achieve this goal, engagement is key. 

Unico Properties and Rising Realty care about the sustainability of their buildings, and they wanted to make sure that their tenants were aware of the LEED certifications their properties had achieved. So, they took their message straight to their Equiem tenant experience app. By creating building posts across multiple sites, Unico Properties and Rising Realty were able to highlight the certification and LEED scores that they were so proud of.

These posts didn't just receive good engagement  they pushed up overall engagement with the sites' building info posts. And at the same time, property managers found themselves spending less time fielding questions about their buildings' eco credentials.

Gain greater understanding of tenants

Tenant engagement is more than just a one-way communication. When you achieve your engagement goals, it allows you to engage with a dialogue with your tenants and users.

When it comes to issues of sustainability, this is of the utmost importance. Because the success of a building's sustainability initiatives rests on the passion and enthusiasm of the people who work in those buildings every day.

We've helped a number of our clients engage their tenants so that they could gain a deeper understanding of their tenants' sustainability priorities. By carefully crafting a communications feed that incorporated sustainability-focused contests, we were able to get significant engagement across a number of properties.

In fact, in a single campaign across multiple buildings, we saw nearly 700 direct responses from building occupiers. And from those responses, we identified a number of key areas of concern. Tenants and users cared most passionately about waste reduction and recycling; energy conservation; and eco-conscious groundskeeping.

Equiem took the guesswork out of the equation for these buildings. By actively engaging the tenants and users in a conversation on their tenant app, we were able to find the areas of sustainability they were already enthusiastic about.

And when you're shaping building-wide environmental initiatives, there's no better way to ensure their success than building from an existing passion.

Ready to supercharge your environmental and sustainability goals? Book a free demo today and find out how Equiem can work for you and the planet.

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