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The Ultimate Welcome Back Playbook

Learn how to bring your tenants safely and happily back to your buildings, using 10 years’ worth of Equiem customer data, brand new occupier feedback, and proven engagement campaigns.

Your Ultimate Welcome Back Playbook includes:
  • Our free, 38-page companion guide
  • Proven ideas for tenant engagement campaigns
  • Templates and budget planners
  • Case studies

Download the full guide, for free, below:

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Your customer has changed.

This ultimate landlord guide will help you reach that new customer, and provide for the wants and needs we are now certain they have. Reach the individual, the new decision-maker in a commercial lease, and you will build long-lasting relationships. Better still, you will transform your asset into a community, where the best companies do their happiest work.

In this guide, you’ll receive:

  • Proven activation ideas and engagement campaigns, with guides for implementation

  • Templates and guidance for customer polls and surveys

  • Budget planning guidance for your onsite Welcome Back strategy

  • Tips for implementing the technology your tenants want, now

Inside the Ultimate Welcome Back Playbook

This free guide is split into 13 sections, designed to help landlords and property managers put theory into practice. It includes a step-by-step guide to creating memorable experiences, a complete activation ideas matrix, and even shows you how best to leverage technology to improve customer experience (while minimising costs).

1. Real estate's new customer

Using first-hand customer data, we have painted a comprehensive picture of what customers want. This has helped us to answer specific questions, such as:

  • What did people love about their building, and what didn’t they love?
  • How have their views changed over the last 18 months?
  • How do we effectively welcome them back to offices of the future?
2. Get ahead of the curve Find out why the time is now ripe for a comprehensive return to office strategy. Discover how the right mix of engagement campaigns and technologies can help you retain occupiers, achieve ESG goals, create safer workplaces, and much more.
3. Start with data

Obtain your own customer insights using our proven methods, and access the survey questions we use to build our engagement strategies – including questions like:

  • When do you expect employees to return to the office?
  • How many days a week do you foresee employees coming in?
  • What amenities or services matter most to your team?
  • What culture building initiatives or events do you have planned? 
  • What safety measures do you expect from the building?
  • What policies are you putting in place around flexible work?
4. The art of first impressions Learn how to create a good first impression that permeates your building, your technology, your staff, and all other customer touchpoints. In this section, you’ll learn how to leverage signage, digital screens, sense-based advertising (scent and music), art, customer service, and much more.

You’ll also receive access to our comprehensive Welcome Back Bundle planner, with ideas for branded swag, vouchers, desk items, COVID-safe hygiene packs, and more.
5. Create memorable experiences This section is a complete practical guide for creating unforgettable events and wide-scale engagement campaigns. Learn how best to target your key tenant contacts, put on Welcome Back events, and more.

You’ll receive access to our activation ideas matrix, which is chock-full of the winning ideas our team has used over 10 years’ providing superior customer engagement
6. Focus on single tenants Focus on creating deeper engagement with tenants that are large, high-risk, or next-up for renewal, and reap the benefits of personalisation and exclusivity. While your Welcome Back campaign is targeted to your entire building population, you can, at the same time, run secondary campaigns tailored to these select companies. This section will show you how.
7. Become the healthy choice When it comes to health and wellbeing, a little goes a long way. In this section, you’ll learn how to offer your tenants a resource centre filled with tools, tips, articles, and freebies on such topics as mental health, stress management, and dealing with the logistics of returning to the office. 

You’ll also learn all about smart building and Indoor Air Quality measurement technology: why it's non-negotiable for tenants, how it provides peace of mind, and how to implement your own smart solution in a cost-effective way.
8. Leverage technology Discover the best tools for getting tenants back, and keeping them happy. This section covers communications tools and templates, the most effective forms of content, and the ideal channels for reaching your tenants. 

It also covers the critical technologies that tenants have told us they want: Touchless access control and car parking, access to bookable flex spaces, and more.

You’ll learn how to organise and deploy ‘phygital’ activations that combine the offline and online experiences, maximising engagement with tenants.
9. It's better with friends When it comes to maximising occupancy and creating a thriving building community, you and your onsite retailers are in the game together. No retailers onsite, or part of your precinct? No matter – the retailers in your local area don’t like empty tables and quiet boutiques. What’s good for you is good for them. Work together!

In this section, we provide you with another free ideas matrix, to help you craft spectacular partnerships with onsite and local partners.
10. If you build it, they will come Use our proven tactics for creating highly-engaged building communities. Our winning campaigns include onsite networking events, meet-ups, competitions, organic polls, and much more.
11. Use what you've got So you have your Welcome Back campaign, a mix of events, activations, contests, prizes, and other outreach initiatives. You have created fantastic first impressions throughout your building. Now it’s time to plan for the daily task of creating and maintaining awareness about your building’s best features.

In this section, you’ll receive access to our amenity promotion planner, which will help you organise activations and campaigns that highlight your onsite services and amenities.
12. A glimpse into the future Find out how an Equiem client in the UK achieved fantastic results by running their own Welcome Back campaign, and how you can emulate their tactics to enjoy similar successes.
13. End with data As you implement your Welcome Back campaign, you will also need to keep a close eye on how it is performing. Now, however, you must go beyond the return to the office, because data is now a part of your daily operations. 

In this section, we’ll give you a handy list of the insights you should be looking for, and how to capture them from your customers – even if you don’t use Equiem’s platform, or our Analytics Dashboards.

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Equiem has proven their prowess in creating unique experiences for buildings all over the world. Their local content engine is beautifully organized and deployed, their mobile application is elegant and easy to use and their vision is well aligned with LPC’s as it looks to the future of office.


Eric Roseman
Vice President
Lincoln Property Company

For office to survive in a post-COVID pandemic world, people have to feel safe. The way you feel safe is you communicate. You over-communicate. Equiem is one of the few out there that can provide that. We looked long and hard, and we spent money, and we've lost money on platforms that haven't worked in the past. We are firmly committed to Equiem because they are proven and we know they deliver.


Christopher Rising
Co-founder and CEO


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