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Retain your tenants – learn how with our free guide to tenant experience

Get started with the commercial landlord’s guide to the world of tenant and workplace experience software


  • Why is tenant experience software so important after COVID-19?
  • What are the key benefits of tenant experience software?
  • The 10 questions to ask when choosing a provider or solution
  • 5 steps to effectively launching a tenant experience platform
  • How Equiem is different to our competitors
  • What are engagement services, and what do they have to do with tenant experience?
  • I’m interested in launching my own tenant experience platform – what’s next?


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COVID-19 has accelerated the need for tenant experience in commercial real estate. More than ever, landlords need an exceptional offering to bring tenants back to the workplace.

According to Deloitte’s 2021 Commercial Real Estate Outlook, the majority of landlords agree on this but do not consider tenant experience a core competency. Tenant experience is complex with many moving parts, and understanding what you need, plus choosing the ‘best-match’ provider amongst the sea of choices - isn’t straightforward.

To help landlords simplify the process of vetting, choosing, and launching your own solution, we’ve put together this ‘Ultimate Guide’. It leverages our 10+ years of experience in ‘TenX’, launching 200+ buildings for 50+ landlords across 5 countries - with the goal to help landlords cut through the noise, understand what to prioritise, and avoid common pitfalls.

The Equiem workplace experience suite is modular, which means you can create a custom solution tailored to the needs of your assets.

  • A branded tenant experience platform, for web and mobile, to connect you with your tenants and build long-lasting relationships
  • A smart building platform, designed to track Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), building occupancy, traffic, and more
  • Touchless building and office access control, using your provider of choice
  • Data and analytics dashboards, synthesizing all tenant actions and sentiments into insights you can use to improve your assets and services
  • A coworking/flexible space booking platform, allowing tenants and other customers to book conference rooms, function areas, desks, offices, and more
  • Facilities Management tools, such as work request and digital permit management systems

The best part? Our Product team can work with you to build custom integrations that enable Equiem modules to communicate and exchange data with other platforms and providers.


“Equiem has proven their prowess in creating unique experiences for buildings all over the world. Their local content engine is beautifully organized and deployed, their mobile application is elegant and easy to use and their vision is well aligned with LPC’s as it looks to the future of office.”

Eric Roseman
Vice President, Lincoln Property Company

"For office to survive in a post-COVID pandemic world, people have to feel safe. The way you feel safe is you communicate. You over-communicate. Equiem is one of the few out there that can provide that. We looked long and hard, and we spent money, and we've lost money on platforms that haven't worked in the past. We are firmly committed to Equiem because they are proven and we know they deliver.”

Christopher Rising
Co-founder and CEO


Why should you choose Equiem to provide your property management software suite?

Create a complete workplace ecosystem, online and in-person.

Combine your property management modules with customer experience modules. The result is an end-to-end ecosystem, covering front and back-of-house operations. Change light bulbs, monitor CO2, welcome guests, host events, create a coworking space offering, send out newsletters, and more

Integrate your existing property management software. We understand that property management software is a broad and complex category, and that you may have existing solutions you want to retain. Our product team can work with you to build custom integrations that enable Equiem modules to communicate and exchange data with other platforms and providers.
Deploy a COVID-ready solution, now.

Technological adoption can take time, but when tenants are coming back to buildings, you need a solution that can provide safety, security, and peace of mind right now. Launch Equiem’s COVID-tracking modules within four weeks and give your customers the experience they expect. Then, when you’re ready, introduce new modules to further streamline your existing processes.

Go with the world's most trusted proptech partner. Equiem is the world’s leading provider of workplace experience technology. Our proptech solutions empower landlords in more than 500 buildings across the US, UK, Australia, Ireland and Canada.

Delight tenants, unlock new revenue, and future-proof your assets with Equiem.

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