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The CRE landlord’s guide to creating a tenant communication strategy

Create, promote and analyse scalable communications designed for the tenants of tomorrow.

In the new hybrid-working world, next-generation workplaces will become hubs of enrichment and measurable productivity. A good communications strategy has the power to inform, entertain and inspire users, whether they are working from home or in-office. Every post, every event, and every engagement initiative is an opportunity to build a differentiated brand.

In this ultimate communications guide, you will learn how to create a complete and scalable communications strategy for your tenants. With easy-to-follow tips, graphs, and tables – and two free templates – you can get started transforming your assets into vibrant communities, today.


Download the full guide, for free, below:

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You will learn:

  • Why you need a tenant communication and engagement strategy
  • The key benefits to landlords of good tenant communication
  • How to set up your building management team to create communications at scale
  • How to pick a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Create a useful communications plan in 7 steps (FREE TEMPLATE)
  • How to assess and improve tenant engagement using data (FREE TEMPLATE)

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