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Global Tenant Report 2023

The 2023 Global Tenant Report

Tenants' demands took a sharp turn in the last 12 months. See whether you’re up to speed or behind the curve.

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Questions answered on everything from hybrid to ESG


Tenants across the globe participated in the survey


Years worth of data so you can understand what's changing

How will the report benefit you?

Tap into the mind of 3000+ office tenants

  • See tenants' opinions on hybrid and how you can prepare
  • Understand the hottest concern for tenants post-COVID
  • Uncover the actual factors making workers come into the office
  • Learn why an amazing office space is no longer enough
  • Review workers' thoughts on ESG and why you might be missing the mark

The key highlights

Equiem Global Tenant Report 2022 | Eternal Hybrid

Eternal Hybrid: 

The harsh reality
9% of people are exclusively working from home, but still, 4/5 tenants want hybrid work permanently.
Equiem Global Tenant Report 2022 | Sustainability


Tenants need visibility, too
80% deem sustainability “very important,” but only 20% know what their building is doing.
Equiem Global Tenant Report 2022 | How to bring workers back

Connection, Community:

How to bring workers back
5/7 of the most significant "return to work" factors are related to community & connection.
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What our customers say about us

“We're now able to communicate to a wider range of occupants. It's allowed us to activate our amenity spaces better. And we understand our tenants' needs and wants better."

Darrin Williams
Vice President, Real Estate Services, Unico

“Our aim is to make humans central to the process and build a real sense of community through the app. Equiem shares our vision — its team is open-minded, collaborative, and forward-thinking.”

Julian Barker
(Former) Head of Smart Places, British Land