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2020 Annual Report

Wins, challenges, and a Smart future

2020 was the year in which Equiem made lemonade.

Despite the trials of the global pandemic, our tenant experience platform enabled landlords to communicate with and retain tenants – while delivering excellent customer service and value to end users working remotely.

2020 was the year of Remote, Return, and Retain: Three separate solutions to help landlords weather the unexpected challenges of COVID. Together, these initiatives spawned dozens of innovations to our product suite, such as touchless access control, visitor management, and smart building integrations.

Thanks to our clients and partners, 2020 was also a year of worldwide growth. We broke new markets in the US, expanded our team, championed diversity in CRE, and were nominated for awards.

We're poised for 2021.


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Highlights of the results include:

  • Strong numbers in a challenging year. Our platforms generated 31 million total data points – comprising more than 10,000 poll responses, 1.9 million content views, over 250,000 comments, likes, and RSVPs, and more than 3,000 arrival bookings. In 2020, 60% of users were active, with an average session duration of 25 minutes.
  • Remote and Return essential to landlords. From March to June, more than 74 buildings adopted both initiatives. Tenants were supported at home, and welcomed back to the office safely and efficiently.
  • 12 months of consecutive growth in the US. We more than doubled our portfolio, launching new sites in Nashville, Seattle, Tacoma, Colorado Springs, Denver, LA, San Diego, and Portland. We broke into new markets, too: Dallas, Chicago, Boston, and Canada.
  • Major partnerships in UK and Australia. In the UK, British Land chose Equiem to provide a custom tenant experience app to its 30,000+ workers. And in Australia, Lendlease launched WorkLife, its Equiem-powered tenant experience solution, across 9 sites. We also partnered with Knight Frank to provide a tenant experience platform to their national workforce, uniting them during COVID-19.
  • Global Tenant Office Report an industry barometer in tenant sentiment. We surveyed more than 4,500 global office workers during lockdown, providing crucial insights on tenant preferences while working remotely.
  • New integrations to transform tenant experience as we know it. We completed work to enable true mobile integrations with our partners HID, Sine, and Vicinitee – launching them across buildings in our portfolio.
  • New products to streamline operations and empower leasing teams. Smart is a brand-new IoT platform enabling landlords to track and manage building density. Our new Leasing Dashboards, meanwhile, analyze the preferences and behaviours of specific tenants to formulate comprehensive leasing strategies.


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