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We're excited about Equiem One, our new integrated product featuring everything that Equiem does so well. We believe it's time for Tenant Experience to take a huge step forward as an industry, leaving behind the tangled web of systems that have grown in recent years in favour of a more streamlined approach.

Equiem One is that huge step forward.

Here are just a few of the things Equiem One is capable of:

  • Get access to every feature in the Equiem suite within one platform
  • Equiem One's design is fully modular, allowing you to instantly see the tools that matter to you and your role
  • Every role has its own dedicated view: portfolio managers, building managers, workplace managers, employees, and more
  • It's simple to track how your contents and events are performing, making it easier to develop strategies in the long term
  • Building managers and workplace managers can collaborate easily
  • See highlighted news, events, building info, and promotions all within a single screen