How can Equiem Marketplace connect users to retailers?

Delight tenants, empower vendors & unlock new revenue with one app

Create your own online store, giving workers and visitors immediate access to all your onsite retailers, restaurants, and services. Offer exciting new ways to interact including lobby pickup and direct-to-desk delivery.

  • Deliver food and beverages, fitness classes, locker subscriptions, and other products and services
  • Enables safe, contactless delivery
  • Simple browser-based Retail Management software empowers your retailers to unlock new revenue
  • First-class browse-to-checkout journey and easy reordering of favorite items
  • Instant, secure payments, and no up-front costs
  • Capture data from all user and retailer touchpoints to optimise your wider retail offering

Our market-leading Marketplace e-commerce platform allows your tenants to purchase products and services directly from onsite retailers. Now, users can access a complementary store experience on both our mobile and web apps — giving them greater flexibility during their working day. 

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