Is Equiem available on mobile and desktop?

Equiem offers both web and mobile apps

Equiem''s core solution features both web and mobile apps, each with their own unique features specifically designed for the platform. The web app works in hand-in-hand with the native mobile app to offer true end-to-end engagement.

The combination of desk and mobile features empowers users to engage with their workplace at their computer or on the go. 

By giving users and tenants a way to access their online Workplace Experience platform wherever they are, you ensure that there are no obstacles to interaction and engagement. Whether they're commuting to or from work, booking spaces to use during the week from the comfort of home, or catching up on the latest offers and news from their desks, the combination of desktop and mobile app will keep them connected.

Equiem's mobile app is every bit as feature-rich as its desktop component. Users are empowered to interact with the amenities and features of their buildings while also being able to browse news feeds, engage with the building's eCommerce shop, and much more.