Is Equiem available with custom branding?

Equiem puts your building's identity is front and centre.

Equiem enables you to add your own logos, images, and colours to your platforms – at the building or portfolio level. It’s the crucial first step in making your digital community a welcoming place for your tenants.

Think of your online Tenant Experience platform as an extension of your building's lobby. For many people, it will be the first place they check every morning. And they'll pass through numerous times each day. Every time your users do anything on your platform, they'll be engaging with your brand.

A branded platform can make a huge difference. The beauty of your platform being branded is that you can reinforce the identity you want for your assets with every user interaction. They're not just engaging with a functional tool, they're engaging with you and the Tenant Experience you've so painstakingly cultivated. That means they'll associate the ease and enjoyment of your amenities with the building itself. And that means happier, more loyal tenants.