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Equiem for Tenant Engagement

Foster meaningful tenant engagement with Equiem

Equiem offers a tools to engage users in both physical and digital spaces. From customizable surveys to an advanced eCommerce Marketplace, Equiem makes it simple for users to interact with your site.
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Benefits to tenant engagement:


Two-way communication

Start a conversation with your tenants about what they want from their building. Use Equiem’s survey and polling function to find out what people want from their workplace, and showcase the best of your buildings in easy-to-craft newsletters and posts.

Drive tenant satisfaction

Create a sense of space and community in your workplace with placemaking content initiatives and exciting onsite activities. When users regularly interact with their workplace through the Equiem app, they are more likely to take full advantage of the features your site has to offer.

Support onsite retailers

Equiem’s eCommerce platform is the natural place to showcase your onsite food and retail options. By onboarding your retailers, you can create a more exciting environment for workers while driving up business at the same time.

Tenant engagement case studies:

Drive physical and digital activation events


Our client, a large global landlord, had just completed an overhaul of the lobby in one of their A-grade offices. They wanted to launch a campaign that would instill excitement among occupiers, many of whom were still working remotely.


We launched a visually dazzling display in the lobby, replete with balloons and streamers. Hidden among the decorations were secret items tied to an online scavenger hunt. Users could find clues about the items in their tenant app, then come to the lobby to solve the mystery.


Users engaged with the initiative in droves, both online and onsite. Take it from one user who was inspired to make the trek into the office: “I'm so on to this... I want to win the pink bubbly & champagne glasses"

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Support tenants with wellness programs


After launching two new buildings, a major global landlord came to us with an important request. They wanted to launch a health and wellness program designed specifically for users in those new buildings.


Equiem worked hand-in-hand with the building managers to design a series of content and events intended to support health and wellness. We used our content segmentation feature to disseminate the program among the users in the new buildings.


The two new buildings launched with a robust wellness program available to workers. This also contributed to the buildings receiving valuable WELL accreditation, an internationally known certification that affirms a site's environmental bona fides.

Create a thriving eCommerce hub


As a result of lower occupancy during the pandemic, several of this urban office building’s onsite retailers were struggling. They came to Equiem to find out if there we could help make up the shortfall.


We used Equiem’s powerful engagement tools to drive business back to those retailers. We spearheaded the launch of monthly retailer newsletters, featuring competitions, promotions, and prizes.


The newsletters have received significant engagement since they were instituted in 2021, with hundreds of users clicking through to retailers’ online stores and more than 100 entries in the featured competitions.