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Equiem for Property Managers

Streamline your building and create a space where people love to work

Equiem’s tenant experience platform make it simple to manage all your building processes. Run everything through a single, centralized platform, analyze the behavior of your tenants, and create a workplace that makes sense for people.
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Benefits to property management:


Run all your building processes through one central platform

Streamline the day-to-day operations of your building by running it all through Equiem. Log work orders and repairs; manage access; monitor temperature; and much more! 
  • Open tickets for repairs or building works and manage from start to end in the app
  • Manage all access to your building, including permits and digital access passes
  • Install unobtrusive SMART sensors to monitor temperature, air quality, occupancy, and more

Create meaningful two-way communication with your tenants and users

Engage with your users on the Equiem platform to create communication that goes both ways. Understand what the people in your building truly want and make sure they know everything that’s special about your site.
  • Send regular newsletters and push notifications
  • Find out what users want with polls and surveys
  • Segment your communications to get the right message to the right people

Use deep analytics to understand how people engage with your building’s facilities

Analyze every interaction to get a complete picture of your users’ relationship with the building.
  • Get key information from every touchpoint at your site
  • See which amenities are regularly gridlocked or underutilized
  • Build future building strategy around user behavior

Manage access for everyone who comes to your building

Create digital passes and permits to ensure that the right people have the access they need. Welcome visitors with temporary digital access and keep track of everyone who enters the building.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing access management software
  • Manage permissions in the backend to ensure everyone has the right level of access
  • Get end-to-end support for your rollout including testing and troubleshooting

Foster loyalty among tenants

When a tenants’ employees are engaged and satisfied, that tenant will be more likely to renew their lease. By meeting user needs, you can safeguard the loyalty of employees and tenants alike.
  • Create a sense of community that complements the work culture of your tenants
  • Cultivate a thriving retail precinct within your building that boosts tenant and user satisfaction
  • Use analytics to understand the needs and drives of users, then cater directly to them

Property management case studies:

Manage access to your building from the app


This major British landlord wanted to modernize the way people checked into their building – occupiers and visitors alike. But integrating a new touchless access system would have to work with their existing infrastructure.


Equiem onboarded the client to Vicinitee, our cutting-edge space management solution. This software allows users to scan a digital access pass found within their app to gain access to their building. Visitors can simply use a barcode found within an email to gain access upon entry.


The new system functioned with their existing access gates. Plus it affords building management more data over who is accessing their buildings and when.

Equiem Tenant App Case Study Property Managers City

Understand your occupiers with polls and surveys


This Boston office had shuttered their long-running shuttle bus service due to the pandemic. But when employees began returning to work, the client needed to decide if they should reinstate the service.


We ran a poll on the Equiem platform, asking users whether they would use the free shuttle service if it returned.


Half of all users answered our poll. A good number of those users told us that they’d be eager to use the service again if it was brought back. As a result, our client reinstated the shuttle, knowing it would be money well spent.

Foster meaningful
communication with tenants


In the midst of the pandemic, this large UK office building welcomed a new tenant. There was one problem. Because of restrictions, the tenant would have to wait to move in physically. Our client wanted to make sure the tenant felt like part of the community even though they couldn’t move in yet.


We created a virtual welcome campaign for the new tenant. The campaign included a Welcome Aboard competition, an introduction to the local area, and an invitation to an in-person welcome breakfast to be held in the future.


What would otherwise have been an underwhelming transition became a memorable milestone, thanks to the placemaking virtual content that let the new tenant experience everything their new building and area had to offer.