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Equiem for Portfolio Managers

Bring order and control to large real estate portfolios

Managing a portfolio of properties is an intricate, often daunting task. But when you have all your data and tools in a single, centralized platform, the intricacy of your portfolio becomes a true strength. Find trends and opportunities, then make the most of them with Equiem.
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Benefits to portfolio managers:


A bird’s eye view of your portfolio

Equiem’s customizable analytics dashboard allows you to see data from your entire portfolio in a single location. Compare and contrast information from tenants, buildings, regions, and more to discover trends across your entire asset base.

Improve workplace experience boost lease renewals

When your tenants are happy, they’re more likely to renew their lease. A workplace experience that fosters productivity and keeps workers happy and motivated is the key to ensuring your tenants renew when the time comes.

Engage in real, two-way communication with tenants

Use a full suite of content and communications tools to guide the conversation in your buildings. Captivating content, exciting newsletters, and a dynamic news feed work together to create a sense of true community within your sites. Easy surveys and polls allow you to get a direct line into your users’ thoughts and experiences.

Portfolio manager case studies:

Use data and analytics to understand tenant needs


Prior to the pandemic, this Boston landlord operated a free shuttle bus service for employees. However, when most employees began working remotely, they stopped offering this service. As employees started to return to the office, they faced a decision: Should they resume the service?


To make the decision simple, we ran a poll on the Equiem platform. We asked their users one simple question: Would they use the free shuttle service if it returned?


50% of occupants completed the poll, with a significant number of those users expressing interest in the reinstatement of the service. As a result, our client brought their shuttle back with the confidence that it would be money well spent.

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Segmented, scalable communications tools


Our client, a commercial landlord with a sizable portfolio, needed to roll out a new wellness program for their users. The problem was, they wanted the program to be specifically tailored to certain buildings.


Equiem worked closely with building management to curate a health and wellness content campaign. That content was then distributed to specific segments of users based on the buildings they worked in.


In the end, the client was able to offer a wellness campaign tailor-made for specific segments of users. This affords them the potential to create hyperlocal content and integrate that within a program of more general content that reaches their entire portfolio.

Generate revenue and offset costs


This Melbourne-based landlord was looking for a way to recoup the costs of running regular engagement content and events. They valued the impact these strategies had on their building communities, but wanted a way to make them more financially sustainable.


The landlord used Equiem’s platform to supercharge retailers and onsite amenities, as well as commercialize events, services, and facilities.


Ultimately, they were able to offset costs of engagement & events by taking a percentage of revenue streams. They have generated more than $300,000 in revenue since 2017.


Run your building operations seamlessly with Equiem


With a large portfolio of office assets, this client wanted to improve how they dealt with tenancies approaching renewal. They wanted to be more strategic about their approach to at-risk tenancies.


Equiem proposed that they shift the focus of their engagement strategy to target key tenant contacts. The aim was to ensure that these key contacts were logging in on a regular basis.


By targeting key tenants, our client gained new insights into which categories each tenancy was focused. Today, they specifically craft campaigns for at-risk tenancies. These campaigns are focused on the interests and priorities of those tenancies.