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Equiem for environment, sustainability, and governance

Support environmental initiatives

Equiem’s tenant experience technology gives landlords powerful new ways to increase their environmental and sustainability efforts.
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Benefits to ESG initiatives:


Promote ESG initiatives

Easily communicate your sustainability projects and mission to your tenants. Showcase your green building certifications, disseminate sustainability policies, and keep your users involved with regular ESG newsletters.

Log and track issues

Give your tenants a simple way to raise tickets whenever a hazard arises. Equiem’s Work Orders system makes the process simple from start to finish, allowing tenants to log tickets that can be easily assigned to the person responsible for fixing it.

Get SMART about ESG

SMART building technology lets you monitor key indicators like building occupancy and air quality. Combined with detailed analytics on user behavior, you’ll be able to create detailed guides for best practices that actually make an impact.

ESG & sustainability case studies:

Invite user participation in ESG initiatives


In the lead-up to National Recycling Week, our client wanted to ensure that they and their tenants were all aligned around recycling and waste management practices.


Equiem created a structured engagement campaign designed to educate tenants and invite their active participation. We asked businesses across the portfolio how they minimized waste; what their best practices were around recycling; and educated them as to the intricacies of their local recycling symbols.


Users responded to this campaign immediately, with hundreds of page views and dozens of responses to polls. All told, the average user interacted with our campaign more than nine times.

Equiem Tenant App Case Study ESG green amenities

Drive utilization of Green amenities


Located on Sydney’s waterfront, our client’s vibrant office complex is like an oasis within the bustling city atmosphere. And the jewel in their crown is a sprawling garden featuring more than 1,000 trees, plants, and shrubs from every continent on Earth. They wanted to make sure their users knew about the garden so they could take full advantage of it.


Equiem created posts on the tenant portal to ensure that workers were aware of the flora in their midst. Today, the occupants are regular visitors to the garden, and the concierge always has paper bags so that they can pick some herbs to take home at no cost.


Not only does this garden act as a quiet place for reflection and meditation for the building’s busy office workers, it also brings a brand new flavor to the urban business precinct experience. Workers have even been known to use the herbs to make fresh tea!

Build digital campaigns that connect


Many of our clients in the US found they lacked visibility into the types of sustainability initiatives that were important to their tenants.


Equiem crafted a communications feed that incorporated sustainability-focused contests in order to get direct engagement from tenants across those properties.


The contests saw nearly 700 responses from building occupiers. The most popular areas of concern were around waste reduction and recycling; energy conservation; and eco-conscious groundskeeping. By using Equiem’s platform, our clients were able to define their ESG agenda based on what their users were most passionate about.