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Equiem for Data & Analytics

Analytics to better understand tenants and users

Equiem’s robust data and analytics dashboards help you understand the wants and needs of your tenants. Use customizable analytics to shape your asset around the people who work there.
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Benefits of property management analytics:


Intuitive dashboards

Make analysis easy with a visual representation of how tenants are interacting with your platform. Track key metrics across every part of your business, from content engagement to the performance of your eCommerce partners.

Segment your audiences

Use deep insights to create nearly limitless audiences based on interests, location, role, and more.

Boost lease renewals

Use our Leasing Data Dashboard to keep crucial tenant data in focus. Know how each of your tenants is feeling about your site at all times and confidently craft your retention strategy.

Data & analytics case studies:

Use polls and surveys to increase tenant satisfaction


Prior to the pandemic, this Boston office building operated a free shuttle bus service for employees. However, when most employees began working remotely, they stopped offering this service. As employees started to return to the office, the client needed to decide if they should reinstate the service.

To make the decision simple, we ran a poll on the Equiem platform. We asked their users one simple question: Would they use the free shuttle service if it returned?

50% of occupants completed the poll, with a significant number of those users expressing interest in the reinstatement of the service. As a result, our client brought their shuttle back with the confidence that it would be money well spent.

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Create events you know will succeed


A North Carolina client houses a number of bio-science tenants spread across 8 state-of-the-art buildings. In order to make the most of the campus setting, our client wanted to design a calendar of events to set the whole site buzzing.


We used Equiem’s polling functionality to run a campaign asking tenants what they wanted from the events. Our poll asked tenants what they would like to see from events in the future.


46% of tenants responded to the polls. The information gathered allowed our client to create a thrilling campaign of food truck events, specifically crafted around the desires of their onsite tenants.

Boost lease renewals


With a large portfolio of office assets, one US commercial landlord wanted to get smarter about the way they dealt with tenancies approaching renewal. Their goal was to ground their strategy for at-risk tenancies in concrete data.


Making use of Equiem’s leasing dashboard, the client was able to shift the focus of their engagement strategy to key tenant contacts within at-risk tenancies.


By targeting key tenants, our client can now specifically craft campaigns for at-risk tenancies. These campaigns focus on the interests and priorities of those tenancies, boosting the likelihood that they will renew their lease when the time comes.