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Equiem for Content & Communications

Engage your users with captivating content

The way you communicate with your users defines the way they think about your building. Equiem gives you the tools to create content that will foster a real relationship.
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Benefits to content:


Create content that speaks to your users

Use Equiem’s Iris CMS too quickly create and distribute content that will engage your users and improve their experience in the workspace.

Gain unprecedented insight with data & analytics

Detailed data and analytics dashboards allow you to understand what your users want, need, and respond to.

Segment your audience

Organize your users based on their interests, roles, activities, and more! Then design content to appeal directly to each unique segment, creating a more personal experience for every user.

Content & communications case studies:

Solve tricky problems with custom fit content


During the pandemic, a new tenant commenced a lease in this large UK office building. However, due to the restrictions in place, they weren’t able to physically move in immediately.


Using the client’s Equiem tenant app, we created a virtual welcome campaign for the new tenant. The campaign included a Welcome Aboard competition, an introduction to the local area, and an invitation to an in-person welcome breakfast to be held in the future.


What would otherwise have been an underwhelming transition became a memorable milestone, thanks to the placemaking virtual content that let the new tenant experience everything their new building and area had to offer.

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Data & analytics uncover new opportunities


After hosting a Return to Work event, our client wanted to get a sense of how it had been received by tenants and users. They were looking for a reliable way to gather feedback from a large sample of the event’s guests.


Taking advantage of Iris’ newly developed feedback feature, the client seamlessly prompted attendees to answer a quick poll about their experience at the gathering via a popup on the home page of their app.


We were able to quickly gather responses from users without requiring them to navigate to a separate page or invest significant time. The popup reached 41% of active users and offered the client a clear picture of the event’s reception.

Promote exciting events to specific tenants


Our client – a large UK office park – wanted to host an event to welcome a new company to their building. They planned to send an invite to the get-together via their Equiem tenant app, but they only wanted members of that one company to attend.


Using Equiem’s segmentation capability, we created event content and invitations that were visible only to the users within the company in question. This allowed our client to promote and organize the event within the app with ease.


By hosting a company-specific event, the client knew that engagement rates would be high. The event and supporting content could be specifically tailored to relevant users. As a result of the event, 125 new users registered to the platform.