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See how our app connected occupants and visitors to centralized services, events, and amenities to enhance daily experience at this vibrant commercial center


White Star


The Park Krakow

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Streamlining the occupier experience

With a goal of connecting occupants and enhancing daily experiences, White Star sought a solution that could centralize operations for booking and management across a range of use cases like access control, space reservations, amenity access, and event registration. Additional priorities included eradicating barriers like plastic cards and improving daily processes like visitor management and lobby workloads. There was also a desire to leverage innovative smart building technologies to attract new tenants.


Integrated, digital-first property management

Our Solution delivered streamlined property management across all priority areas. We enabled mobile contactless access control with digital IDs, automated visitor invitations via the app, and online space and amenities booking for meeting rooms, equipment and more. Tenant and visitor engagement was also enhanced through self-serve event and program registration, curated content, and tailored communications. Parking access and pre-booking were integrated to eliminate double bookings and eliminate hassles while driving efficiency into core daily processes.

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Strong adoption with thousands of frictionless interactions

The end-to-end platform delivered immediate and measurable impact to operations and experience. Within months, active usage exceeded 60% with thousands of bookings. Hundreds of guests were invited by tenants and lobby workload reduced by moving processes online. Crucially, the solution achieved core objectives like removing plastic cards and creating a seamless digital experience that acts as a key differentiator for attracting new clients.

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