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Supporting consistent and customized communications

Frasers Property sought to improve communication and operations across four business parks - Blythe Valley Park, Chineham Park, Winnersh Triangle, and Farnborough Business Park. Goals included creating a unified platform to connect workers across locations while maintaining the unique identity of each individual park.


Deploying a tailored, centrally managed app

We delivered a branded "Park in Your Pocket" app encompassing all four parks while allowing users to select their home park for a tailored experience. The app provided park-specific event, news and survey content to cater to individual park identities. At the same time, sophisticated segmentation enabled centralized updating and management. The app also offered operational tools like maintenance requests and Marketplace ecommerce.

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Driving adoption and adding value

In the first year, strong registration rates and engagement metrics showed positive momentum. With support across over 100 buildings and millions of square feet, the apps connected and serviced a large portfolio. Feedback highlighted the customized, convenient experiences the platform unlocked. Operationally, thousands of equipment and room bookings along with tens of thousands of visitors tapped into the app's capabilities.

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