Curating a seamless experience across multiple stakeholder groups

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Engaging diverse audiences

With goals to connect visitors, workers and residents, Argent needed to promote events, foster community, gather feedback, centralize event management and enable integrated booking. They also wanted to support return to workplace and connect retailers to visitors.


Sophisticated and integrated experience platform

We delivered sophisticated community experiences for all customer groups. This included a retail directory, map, deals and click & collect capabilities. Targeted content experiences were curated via segmentation. Guest management, marketplace integrations and engagement programming tools enabled integrated and personalized interactions.

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Strong adoption across all user groups

In year one, over 9,000 users registered with approximately 75% month-to-month engagement. Well above average newsletter open rates of 50% and significant increases in participation highlight strong adoption across retail, corporate, municipal and residential groups. Higher tenant and visitor adoption further show the platform’s impact.

Our community of occupiers and customers are the most important part of King’s Cross. Equiem’s platform will be fully integrated into King’s Cross to provide a seamless experience for all our audiences, helping to enhance our connection with our users and deliver the data and insight that will support us in delivering more effective, more impactful content in the future.

Gilbert Yule

Estate & Customer Service Lead, King’s Cross

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