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Enabling property optimization goals

British Land sought to leverage data and technology to make its buildings more sustainable, efficient, and tenant-friendly. This included optimizing energy use, digitizing manual processes, supporting retailer needs, and ultimately progressing towards net zero emissions across assets.


Centralizing data for actionable insights

We partnered with Facilio to implement a centralized data platform and analytics at 100 Liverpool Street. By consolidating data sources, we established improved visibility into asset performance. Automated fault detection and custom optimization approaches then drove efficiency gains. Stakeholders also benefited from more transparent visibility into sustainability KPIs.

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Driving double-digit efficiency improvements

The data centralization and analytics delivered tangible impact - optimized HVAC run times, automated energy savings, reduced carbon emissions. For British Land, efficiency and emissions cuts aligned with net zero goals. For tenants, the optimization and digitization improved experiences. With the pilot demonstrating robust results, British Land looks to scale the solution across further assets.

We've reduced heating and cooling energy consumption by 33% in our 45,000 sq ft Storey space. This achievement utilises technology like Occupancy Sensors and Air Quality Sensors to automatically adjust air conditioning based on space demand.

Ian Pierce

Senior Product Manager, British Land

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