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Engaging diverse audiences

With offices, retail, restaurants, and residents, Canary Wharf Group sought to build community across audiences from dedicated office workers to public visitors. Goals included event promotion, fostering engagement, gathering feedback on the estate's facilities and spaces, and driving foot traffic.


Customized connectivity and communications

Leveraging segmentation and interest-based targeting, we delivered customized content and operational tools to different user groups. Integrated booking and payment simplified access to amenities. The Marketplace also connected visitors with retailers to aid discovery. Our tailored communications enabled CWG to effectively promote the estate's offerings and gather visitor/user insights.

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Widespread adoption and usage

In the first year of launch, over 30,000 users registered with 15,000 monthly active users. Almost 20 weekly interactions per user and widespread tenant adoption show the platform drives high engagement. Considerable gains in usage metrics and uplift in user activation indicate our solutions meaningfully connect commerce and community across the entire Canary Wharf portfolio.

Canary Wharf Group represents the values and passions of the local community. When looking for a partner to create an online app for the estate, one name kept coming up – Equiem. Their success in other London estates and unique technology made them the ideal partner to aid our ESG and community goals.

Michelle Laramy

Director of Customer Experience, Canary Wharf Group

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