Creating a thriving mixed use community

Learn how we helped British Land engage a range of customer groups like visitors, residents, office workers and flex space occupiers.


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Engaging multiple user groups

With a large mixed-use development encompassing offices, retail, restaurants, flex occupiers and residents, British Land sought to promote community across diverse audiences from dedicated office workers to public visitors. Goals included event promotion, fostering engagement during construction, simplifying space booking, gathering feedback, and enabling integrated amenities access.They also needed robust technology solutions to enhance operational processes across the campus.


Robust segmentation and operational expertise drive exceptional campus experience 

Leveraging sophisticated segmentation and interest-based targeting, we delivered customized content and operational tools to different user groups. Integrated booking and payment simplified access to member lounges and premium amenities. The Marketplace also connected visitors with retailers and food and beverage helping bring a true sense of belonging on the central London campus. On top of that, Equiem’s operational capabilities in helpdesk and request management, space booking, permit system and visitor management systems were deployed laying the foundations for the very best customer experience. 

Working space at Broadgate Campus



Strong adoption across engagement and operations

In the first year, over 3,000 active users registered. Tens of thousands of visitors booked access while thousands of contractors utilized permit capabilities, highlighting robust feature adoption. With nearly 50% of occupants engaging with newsletters and hundreds of eCommerce transactions conducted, British Land is fostering an inclusive, thriving modern campus experience for all types of users. 

Placemaking must be prioritized when creating new working environments that benefit occupants, staff, and customers. Our aim is to make humans central to the process and build community through the app.

Jules Barker

Former Head of Smart Places, British Land

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