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Learn how we helped 70 St Mary Axe share information, highlight key offerings and manage visitors to enhance experience and operations




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70 St Marys Axe

Communicating with occupiers

With goals to directly communicate with occupiers, share vital information and highlight offerings, Nuveen needed to facilitate safe return to workplace while managing visitors and improving security.


Customized platform drives seamless experience

We integrated Yardi visitor management for seamless app booking workflows. The marketplace enabled exclusive retail offers and revenue streams while supporting retailers. Events, wellbeing programs and bespoke content were accessible via the CMS. Sophisticated newsletter tools connected and informed occupiers.

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Strong engagement, adoption and value

Over 75% active monthly usage and over 90% tenant registration highlight exceptional occupancy engagement. Top utilized visitor management, thousands in eCommerce transactions and double digit newsletter gains showcase value. With visibility into content performance, 70 St Mary Axe is delivering vital resources and maximizing connections.

Through the platform, we share updates and gain insights on changing needs and behaviors towards home and flexi working. Identifying these changes is vital to adapt our strategies and continue engaging all employees, whether at home or in the office.

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