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Who's New to the Equiem Team | October

We've been highlighting Equiem's Team and the great work they do to ensure that our products are tailored to our client's problems. This week, we look forward to introducing some of the newest members of our team: Deb Greenwood-Smith (Head of People & Culture), Adam Mulvany (Senior DevOps Engineer),  Jeremy Marmur (Head of Business Development, APAC), and Cara (Content Manager).

Deb Greenwood-Smith Head of People & Culture 

How are you finding things?

My first month with Equiem has been a fantastic ride. I’m so thankful for the welcome from everyone! I’m enjoying the chance to work with a team full of passionate, creative and talented people who are all committed to making Equiem a great place to work.

Let’s talk about your journey so far - what did you before joining Equiem?

I actually started my career in Retail Operations roles and it was through these roles that I was offered the chance to become a leadership trainer which started my career in Human Resources. Over the years I have had the chance to work in most areas of Human Resources as both a specialist and generalist in the retail and manufacturing industries. My passion lies in developing leadership capabilities to create engaged and high performing teams.

Most recently I led the change management agenda on a large transformation project which let me see first-hand the key things that need to be in place to help people successfully navigate changes in their workplace. I hope this experience will help Equiem grow successfully in the coming years.


What will some of your responsibilities be?

As Head of People and Culture, my role is to support the Equiem Leadership Team in building an engaged and capable team that will thrive as we grow. This involves looking at who we hire, onboard, develop, retain and how we reward our people.

What are some of the challenges HR will face as we continue to grow rapidly in Australia?

Our main challenge will be ensuring we have the right people focusing and delivering on the right things at the right time. This is a jigsaw that we will continue to play with to get the best fit as our business grows.

Outside of Equi-lyf, what are some of the things you love to do?

I love to play with my two adorable 11-month old Cavalier puppies called Mavi and Menindee. Now that the weather is starting to get warmer, I am looking forward to teaching them how to swim at the beach. I also have a secret passion for Japanese flower arranging after having spent time living in southern Japan when I was younger.

started with Equiem 17 Oct 2016

Low Res

Adam Mulvany - Senior DevOps Engineer

Hi Adam, welcome again to the Equiem Team! How are you finding things?

I’ve really been enjoying my first few weeks at Equiem. The people here are a pleasure to work with and the work-life balance is great too. I feel that I can really contribute here due to the rapid company growth and as an added bonus the location is great, I live just around the corner!

Let’s talk about you, what were you doing before joining Equiem?

Prior to Equiem I was freelancing overseas for clients located in the USA. I took on some small jobs to get started, built a profile and began to specialise in Amazon AWS migrations. I worked with some very interesting web apps, one that would serve movie screeners to network stakeholders leading up to the Oscars ceremony and another which is the world’s largest Chess site. I was location independent and visited ten amazing countries during this time!

Tell us more about your new role as Senior DevOps Engineer.

I’m very excited to take on this role because it gives me the opportunity to create service infrastructure from the ground up. At the moment we’re building “infrastructure as code” over the Amazon API so we can provision application stacks in different regions around the world at the click of a button. Pretty much the first step towards offering a SaaS product.

Also I really enjoy using the Portal and can really see what a great product it is. Since beginning three weeks ago, I don’t think a single day has gone by where I haven’t purchased a coffee from there. The concierge service is nothing short of amazing.

Low Res Candid

What are some of the challenges DevOps will face as we continue to grow rapidly in Australia and overseas in the next 24 months?

While experiencing strong growth, one of the biggest challenges in DevOps is being able to scale exponentially with the increasing number of users, requirements and new features. We’ll often try to tackle this through automation and we’ll deploy new technologies to reduce the overall on-going maintenance overheads on the team. We will spend a lot of time researching the latest software, services, libraries and processes to ensure we are taking every advantage available to us.

Another challenge will be to regionalise the application. All clients and customers will have differing requirements and feature requests and we will need to deliver a platform which is capable of adapting to these changes.

Last but not least, outside of Equi-lyf what do you like doing?

I can often be found working on projects of my own but I do try to distance myself from technology to maintain some indoor/outdoor balance. I like to exercise, ride motorcycles and take my puppy for walks. I also enjoy language learning and meeting people from other parts of the world.

started with Equiem 17 Oct 2016


Jeremy Marmur - Head of Business Development, APAC

Hi Jeremy, welcome again to the Equiem Team! How are you settling in?

Settling in just fine, thank you. The culture at Equiem is extremely refreshing and everyone has been very welcoming. Now that I have completed my extensive induction, I am excited about getting stuck into the role and growing the business across Asia Pacific.

Let’s talk about your journey so far, where has your career taken you before joining Equiem?

Sure, I've been involved in the property industry for over 16 years and commenced my career in Residential Property Sales in 2000. I have had a large amount of exposure to commercial sales and leasing in the Melbourne CBD, city fringe and prime strip locations. I have represented many stakeholders over the years including an array of domestic and overseas groups, institutional groups, high net worth individuals, syndicates, publicly listed and private sector companies. Most recently and prior to joining Equiem, I was in charge of a major luxury retail development in South Yarra, Victoria called Capitol Grand.

Tell us about your new role as Head of Business Development, APAC. What will your day to day responsibilities be?

My responsibilities include further growing Equiem’s market share and revenue by identifying, assessing and developing new business opportunities throughout the APAC region. I will lead my team to execute a strategy for maximising market share in Australian office, growth into Australian retail and successful entry into the global market.

Tell us about the Asia Pacific market, what are some unique challenges we’ll face growing Equiem’s business in this region?

Our Asian neighbours are growing at a much faster rate than any other region globally. With this comes an increased dependence on services and products to match this growth rate. Australian companies are well poised to take advantage of these opportunities. A few things to consider would be our resource requirements and short-term viability whilst we establish ourselves through APAC. Asia is large and complex and if not carefully considered, Australian businesses can easily make a meal of their entry. Asia has numerous cultural, social and economic differences and these are some of the main factors that pose a threat/risk to businesses that are not across them. Local knowledge and more specifically legislation are paramount to our success throughout Asia Pacific

Lastly, outside of Equi-lyf what do you love to do? I heard you love bagels?

Yes, food is one thing I have always been passionate about. I love experiencing different cultures through food and getting a sense of its history and background. Bagels are one of those foods that I have been exposed to from an early age and have a soft spot for. Amongst other things, I love spending time with my young children and cooking for them. As a family, we enjoy visiting coastlines and having beach town holidays.

started with Equiem 24 Oct 2016


Cara Content Manager

Hi Cara, welcome to the Equiem Team! How are you settling in?

Really well. There is so much to learn, but everyone is really approachable and happy to answer any questions, so it makes learning the ropes a lot easier. It is great to be in such a supportive and cooperative environment.

Let’s talk about your journey so far - what did you before joining

I was working at a private RTO as a Product Development Editor, editing and writing new learner resources and working on turning their content digital. I was also finishing off a Graduate Diploma in Professional Writing, which I graduated from last October. I am now doing my Masters of Communication. It has been a full on

Tell us about your new role as Content Manager. What will your day-to-day duties be?

The other members of the team and I edit and proof all the content coming in from our Community Managers, as well as writing content for new site launches.

What are some of the challenges of keeping content relevant and engaging?

Things change so fast and new trends are always emerging; just when you think you know what is on-trend it has already changed and moved on to the next thing. So it is important to try and keep on top of new ideas and technology. This means subscribing to a lot of blogs and tech sites!

Last but not least - outside of Equi-

I like to go to dinner and bars with friends. Melbourne is full of so many wonderful things to do, so it is fun to go and explore new restaurants etc. I also love those chill weekends where I can read or spend time with my partner Adam and our

started with Equiem 11 November 2016